How to draw a bike pedal with digital tablet

How to draw like a Concept artist | INSPIRED BY BIKE TECH

I’ve always been fascinated by bikes tech from Shimano since my childhood. You know this bike handle or brakes where you see their white logo. My friend in Singapore started to ride a bike for Food Panda delivery. He has sent to me pretty pictures of his new bike. That’s how I got the idea…

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Marvel retail store drawing - Edward Eyth

How to become a Concept Artist|Edward Eythfor Marvel – Spielberg – Disney – Back to the future II

  If you are in love with sketching and creativity, today is your lucky day!   I would like to introduce you to an amazing Concept Artist Designer and professor: Edward Eyth.    He worked on artistic projects for Steven Spielberg, Marvel, Disney, and he did concept design for the movie “Back to the Future II!!…

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