Show all what you got in your design portfolio!

It’s 4:58 am and I can’t sleep. I guess I am still a bit Jetlagged after my 28 hours journey door to door from France to Singapore. I was in bed with my mind fully awake thinking about writing to guys. And I remembered something when I was at school, there was an interesting debate about:…

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Grand Blanc Pacific Sketch - Ben Go

How drawing helped Ben Go to become a Yacht designer

Ben has a story I feel inspiring. He’s a boat designer, and presently living in an amazing boat! “Drawing has been a way to get everything I dreamed about.” You will see from his beginning how he almost dropped school at the age of 16 – fortunately, one of his teachers saw his creative potential and…

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10 steps to Be irresistible at your Design interview

Anything can happen! The interview itself could be short, or could stretch on for upwards of three hours. It could involve an office and call for professional formal attire, or it could take place casually on a café terrace. You could be invited to take a plane to another country for a day for just…

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