Was it difficult to become a Footwear designer? – Interview with Mr Bailey – Concept Kicks

Was it difficult to become a Footwear designer- – Interview with Mr Bailey – Concept Kicks - The design sketchbook - industrial and product design sketching tutorials

Today, is meaningful to me. I am interviewing Mr Bailey, founder of ConceptkicksLab, a Footwear design and Development agency – and also Concept Kicks, a blog of reference about sneaker design. When I was student Mr Bailey published (still) awesome sketches from sneaker designers on his blog. It was a huge influence for me to become a Footwear…

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Anybody can sketch. Quick test in 4 steps.

TIP 160 Anybody can sketch. 4 steps test. The design sketchbook - Product and Industrial design sketching tutorial

I’ve just went to the money changer of Raffles place (in Singapore) to get some Thai Baht as I am flying to Bangkok tomorrow! 🙂 This afternoon, I stop for a while at a cafe Paul to sketch. I am preparing the next week course of [Sketch like the Pros]. I’ve just took a picture…

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Are you too old to start learning how to draw ?

Are you too old to start learning how to draw - - The design sketchbook

  This article is inspired from en email from Marc, a student of my course [Sketch like the Pros]. He shared with me that he didn’t show some of his drawing waiting to be ready to be good enough for it. It’s a common reaction we have when we start learning how to sketch –…

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2min Two video SKETCHING Y-3 ADIDAS Sneakers


I was chilling at Georges Town White Coffee. A beautiful Coffee built in a 100 years old house at Penang, Malaysia. That city is one of the Unesco World heritage site. I hoped that place would have good vibes for inspiration. These are my first video I publish of my live sketching. It’s a good…

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Train yourself drawing things you have fun with like the Minions! | TIP45


  TIP #45 Train yourself drawing things you have fun with CHOUTAC CHUNG – THE MINION INVADERS, 2014 All started with some random circles. I was wondering what to draw, and suddenly, some Minions head pop up from these circles in my mind ! That was irresistible.  So I sketched them !! I actually get…

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To improve fast, get inspired from others |TIP41


  Thanks Adrien W. for telling me about Darren Quach. He’s an amazing concept artist. I found his Instagram account: dqsketches and his work really inspired me. I remember at school, with some classmates we already used to start drawing some robots. There is quite a while I didn’t do any and felt rusty. So,…

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How do I draw good hatching?


Remember, draw your lines in a clean way. Begin cleanly, and end cleanly. Meaning, try to keep even pressure and speed from beginning to end. Chou-Tac Chung – Hand sketch, 2008 HOw to get evenly spaced lines Count in your head steadily, like a metronome. For each beat, you draw a line. Keep a steady…

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4 Simple steps From sketching to Photoshop rendering


A NIKE Tennis ware fashion illustration. Below is a quick tutorial of a Nike Tennis ware fashion illustration from sketching to Photoshop rendering in just 4 steps. All was done with a graphic tablet.   From left to right: – 0 Final result – 1 Body movement – 2 Body structure – 3 Clothing and…

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