How Kasra progress fast in Design Sketching


It’s Chou-Tac,

I remember how important it was for me to be inspired by other students to boost my motivation. Because I wanted to reach their level, I was drawing more often and keep looking at what techniques they were using.

This is why today, I would like to introduce you to Kasra Sadeghian, who has been sketching a lot recently and since keep raising his level.

Kasra is a VIP member of my course Sketch Like The Pros, and also Bring Your Sketch Alive Private group. Where he get my design sketching lessons and feedbacks.

Even though he started to sketch pretty “late”, he’s one of the most active students. He has shown up big progression in a short amount of time.

There is no innate talent involved. It was about technique, passion, and taking action.

“Success is about Work, Quality Method, and Passion.”

Kasra, can you tell us about you in a few words.

I’m a Canadian born, UK educated industrial designer working in the US and Canada. I studied Industrial Design for my BA at Humber School of Applied Technology in Toronto, and my MA at Northumbria University.

How Kasra did a big jump in his sketching skills in less 1 month

How Kasra did a big jump in his sketching skills in less 1 month

What are your hobbies?

My Hobbies are cooking, gardening, and making leather goods.

What makes you thrill about Design?

What I really like about the design is the continuous change and innovation that happens.
As designers, we must always create new things to solve problems for people based on the latest technology. It could be solving an old problem with new technology or solving a completely new problem that was created due to new technology.

Kasra's sketching zone !

Kasra’s sketching zone!

How did you discover your passion for Design?

I fell in love with design when I first saw the Apple iMac G3. I was so amazed by how it looked.

It was roughly the same time when most households started to get internet connectivity, therefore, I could search the computer, who made it, who designed it, and what design and Industrial Design was.

Electric toothbrush to exercise his ellipses on products

Electric toothbrush to exercise his ellipses on products

Do you talk about Design and design sketching with your friends?

I sometimes talk about design and design sketching with my friends. Mainly old classmates and colleagues but I also love to learn and talk to people about things I know nothing about.

I enjoy talking to Engineers, people in medicine, teachers, tradesman, and other craftsmen. It really helps spawn my curiosity and creativity.

Side view study thumbnail before going to perspective view

Side view study thumbnail before going to the perspective view

You are progressing pretty well and fast.
Is there any particular sketching technique you apply and recommend?

The sketching technique that has helped the most is practice at least 15 minutes a day and try not to draw with too much of a heavy hand.

Though they sound simple, there are actually fairly hard to do.

You have to commit to draw every day and continuously remind yourself to draw lighter. I feel once you have those then everything else becomes a little bit easier.

Box study with projected shadow on ground

Box study with projected shadow on the ground

When did you start sketching?

I started to sketch fairly late.
When I started school. I would sketch side views of cars as a kid but I did not do serious sketching until university. Even then, the University did not teach sketching and drawing very well.

I really had to search on my own how to get better and continuously try to improve.

Enhancing the composition with "distorted" perspective.

Enhancing the composition with a “distorted” perspective.

Do you believe in innate talent ? And do you think anyone can learn how to sketch?

I do not believe in innate talent. I believe in practice and hard work. Yes, some people can pick up sketching a little bit quicker than another person but the person that keeps practicing and improving will get ahead in the end.

The person who is good early on may not understand hard work. However, the person that keeps practicing and pushing to improve will eventually surpass everyone else.

Playing with viewpoint with the GoPro sketching tutorial

Playing with the viewpoint with the GoPro sketching tutorial

What’s your dream or future plan?

I would like to keep being able to design products as a profession and design products that can have a greater impact on society and touch many people’s lives.


Can you send us a picture of your sketching space and/or sketching tools?

My sketching spaces and sketching tools, attached below, are my personal desk, my back garden, PaperMate pen, Copic Brush pen, and Pilot Twin Marker.

Kasra Favourite tools: Pilot Twin Marker, Papermate ball point pen, Copic Multiliner SP

Kasra Favourite tools: Pilot Twin Marker, Papermate ballpoint pen, Copic Multiliner SP

If you could draw something and make it become a reality. What would it be?

If I could draw something and make it a reality, it will be something in the field of music.

Maybe, headphones or a speaker…

If I could draw an electronic device or even a yard tool and see it being used by an individual that would be really cool.

Where can we see more about your work? Your website, Facebook, Instagram…?

You can see my work at
My website is continuously updated when new projects are released.

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