Art books are my Red bull. My energy boost generator!

TIP 171 Art books are my red bull, my energy boost generator. The design sketchbook - Product and Industrial design sketching tutorial

I went to the famous book shop in Singapore: Kinokuniya. They have a huge Art & Design corner where you find books about Product design, architecture, fashion, packaging, tatoo, figure drawing, calligraphy… It’s a paradise of learning content and inspiration. But, Did you know there is an other corner that most people ignore ? It’s…

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Palette. A Sketchbook for shoe designer |TIP118

Sneaker palette shoe design sketch for sneakers

I am following a cool page about Footwear design on Instagram: @PaletteStudioCo Credit featured image on the home page from Rob Maston or @raw_mass @PaletteStudioCo on Instagram ——————————————————————————————————————— It showcased amazing works of pro, beginner or passionate of footwear design – drawing with the Sketchbook Palette. What is there so special in ? Palette offers…

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Making it Manufacturing techniques for Product design


  Let me share with you guys a book I bought a couple of years ago. It’s about Manufacturing for product designer. MAKING IT, from Chris Lefteri. Chris Lefteri made this book to be approachable for students and to whom want to get a solid base without going too deep. I actually read this because…

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Taschen | Awesome design books


Let me recommend some art books that I personally enjoy: the products of the publishing company Taschen. Taschen publishing started in the eighties as the brainchild of an 18-year-old comic shop owner, Benedikt Taschen. Since then, Taschen has become a staple of art books. Its publications cover painting, sculpture, photography, and fashion alongside, of course,…

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