New sketching pens ! Love the Signo Uni-Ball colours from Mitsubishi.

New sketching pens ! Love the Signo Uni-Ball colours from Mitsubishi. The Design Sketchbook - Product and Industrial design sketching tutorials

Tonight I was chilling in the shopping mall NEX at Serangoon, and “randomly” went to the pen shop! In this article below, you will see few quick sketches I made with the Signo Uni-Ball gel pen showing you some Tips about circles on cubes. If you want to glearn more from a video tutorial, you…

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How to start digital sketching ? (Material and software)

Digital tools

When I was student (2003-2009), my classmates and I didn’t have any Graphic tablet at school to practice on. The first tablet I put my hands on was an humble Graphire* from Wacom I bought from the IT store.  I was so happy to make my first steps on digital that I doubled my walking…

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Top essential art material for a student designer


When we first join a design school, we may receive an art material list. After a visit in any art shop, you realise that the material is costly and that our budget may be quite limited. But we start so excited that we tend to be non reasonable, and buy the maximum of things from…

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Top 7 Sketching pens of the year !


If you also like to do some pen shopping, you may have gathered a lot, and you may wonder how to choose. There is no ultimate perfect pen. It’s all about your own sensitivity and the effect you are looking for. David Philips, reader of the blog showed me some illustration he did with a…

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The furniture I get at Ikea to install the Wacom Cintiq 22HD


I am the happy owner of a Cintiq 22HD Touch for 10 days already. I faced some problem that some of you may face as well. I share with you how I fixed them getting suitable furniture at Ikea. I started with a bit of difficulties to draw on the tablet. Why? It was not…

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First day with a Wacom Cintiq 22 HD Touch


This article is not a review trying to give a mark to the product. It’s just a share about my first impression and real experience. You will see the plus and minus I met as a Cintiq new user. 22HD or 24HD ? Two different format. XL or XXL ? The Cintiq 22HD is the…

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Just started with a digital tablet? Don’t panic |TIP59


I have just acquired a new Wacom Cintiq 22 HD tablet. I though I would get used to it quickly, I was wrong. It took me few hours to get some results. I remember my first tablet. It was a Wacom Graphire 2. It has the colourful Macintosh look. It’s a classic tablet that you…

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When I saw the Samsung Note Pro 12.2, I couldn’t resist drawing something on it. The tablet carry a customized version of Sketchbook pro.* * That you can’t find on a Windows Surface 3 expo product. TIP 21 To get a tablet, Do not believe the specs My first tablet was a Graphire Wacom tablet.…

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Sketching with the Samsung Note Pro 12.2 | Tablet Review


Chilin at the airport, I made a stop at the IT store. I saw the latest Samsung Galaxy Note Pro 12.2 inch tablet – with a sensitive pen pressure feature . It really looks promising.  Let’s have a closer look. Two birds one stone Why not sketching  the 11th sketch at the IT shop testing…

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