I’ve just arrived at the new Taco restaurant: “TACO DEL SOL”
They have such a great skull logo! I couldn’t resist drawing it!

I always keep my ballpoint pen in my pocket ready to draw anytime.
While waiting for my taco to arrive, I want to show you how to draw this 2D illustration into 3 dimensions drawing.

It’s a simple sketching exercise for you to start seeing things with volumes in your mind like an industrial designer!

How to draw a skull easily | Ballpoint pen art

When you start drawing in 2D

You draw with the outlines only
Your vision is “flat” and the drawing lacks perspective.

Drawing what is visible

When you copy the skull drawing, you copy the outlines.
Your vision is limited to this original picture.

But what if you want to draw the skull from a different angle? You can’t.
Because your mind memorized only the outlines in 2 dimensions.

Drawing in 3D

Here we level up the game. 🙂
As a beginner designer, you need to start visualizing anything in 3 dimensions. We simplify the skull starting with a sphere.

You draw with basic volumes first

You train your mind to visualize anything in 3dimensions like 3D software. You will be able to turn the objects from different angles!

Then you start drawing skull

I start with the eyes and nose to draw in symmetry but in perspective!
I feel these elements are at the surface of the sphere.

Draw in transparency

It’s a combination of simple forms I draw in transparency.
I imagine I can see through the hat positioned on the skull.


I sketched an extra one very fast, and done!


Translation of “Espiritu Libre”: Free spirit

It’s fun to sketch anywhere you go. I didn’t have paper, but I did bring my notepad. It is very easy to carry with me. An alternative is to doodle on receipts.

Drawing a skull on my notepad


  • Don’t wait for perfect conditions to draw.
    (I was sitting on a stool)
  • Don’t wait to have the best pen, paper, and posture.
    (I draw on a notepad)
  • Don’t wait for the best subject.
    (I draw a skull that is not a product!)

Yes, they are essential for raising your sketching skills and you will need also proper drawing techniques to acquire early as a beginner.

But the worst enemy is Mr. Procrastination.
And your best friend is your ballpoint pen. Bring it everywhere you go in your pocket, draw daily, and practice with FUN!!

Doodling a funny skull at a Mexican restaurant

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