10 Tips to keep up as an Industrial Design student |TIP 114


If you have decided to join a Design School, get ready to sleep less. 😉 You will face new challenges and obstacles that drive you to change your daily habits for an exciting Design journey. I list a number of difficulties or situation you may meet during your journey, and hopefully give you some useful…

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Q: How do I know if a design school is good?


LASALLE – SINGAPORE First off, I’d recommend that you visit multiple schools and make sure you learn their general philosophy and approach to design. If their philosophy doesn’t jive with yours, cross the school off your list. Visit the next one. Try to avoid naïveté: double check your information about a school with multiple students…

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Q: I want to apply for a design school but I need a portfolio. How ?


How to Start a Portfolio Most schools will ask you for a portfolio in order to see some of your previous work. But not everyone has a chance to be well informed about the intricacies design school applications, and maybe you don’t even know what a portfolio is. A portfolio is a folder where you…

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