First off, I’d recommend that you visit multiple schools and make sure you learn their general philosophy and approach to design. If their philosophy doesn’t jive with yours, cross the school off your list. Visit the next one. Try to avoid naïveté: double check your information about a school with multiple students attending there.

About Internet research, you can look at forums. However, be “aware of haters”. Some may have good reasons, but instead of looking for what is going wrong in a school. I rather look first for what are the positive attributes. No system is perfect, student neither.

You don’t have to target only the “best school”. Apply for the one where you feel you can grow best.

 A school that’s especially expensive is worth a bit of extra investigation.

Get the info you need from students and alumni.

Then, ask them about the recruitment process. They are your “insiders”. You might be intimidated by speaking to them at first, but they’re people just like you, like me, like your friends. They will be glad to help you.
If you’re too shy, contact students and alumni by email. You can access their contact information and profile at or Many designers post their portfolios there.


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