Be more creative drawing “Ugly doodles” |TIP135

Coffee machine - feature

Some of you told me about facing these challenges when you start sketching: The sketches doesn’t looks good It’s not easy to draw from imagination Loose confidence and give up fast. Wether you are beginner or senior, this situation is pretty common. Let me introduce you a 3 steps sketching process I often use to…

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Never get bored for 1$ |TIP51


I started to take a bad habit. Looking ay my phone or Ipad when I get bored. And it happens multiple time in a day. Beside that, I am also part of people who think that kids today shouldn’t play at Angry bird, but instead playing marbles or hide and seek. I have a nostalgia…

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Make random doodle to explore new shapes |TIP47


    Before going to sleep, I doodled a bit without much thinking. I guess I was starting dreaming. TIP #47 Doodle randomly to explore new shapes Little by little, some shapes appeared quite interesting to me. I developed it and end with a bird creature. It is It is really interesting to work with…

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Doodle easy with bender |TIP28


Today is the third day I play with Bender, from Futurama with the K.S. Challenge. I was bored in the train, so I was doodling Angry Bender again. TIP 28 Doodle EASY Doodle with a loose hand, and the wrist being NOT in contact with the table/tablet. You might not be accurate, especially at start.…

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Sketch without fear with a secret sketchbook |TIP26


Just did a sketch from memory of Bender. Bender is the robot of the animation Futurama, from Matt Groening (The Simpsons). He’s popular for his angry mood. Forgetting his antenna on his head, I feel he looks like a gangster. TIP 26 Get a Doodle sketchbook Use a cheap recycle paper to draw in whatever…

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At the counter, was a random queue.

Yesterday I went to hospital for a body check-up in Saigon. I checked my hung, liver, stomach, blood, cholesterol, diabetes and so on… At the end the doctor said I am 100% healthy. Great, however a sudden little evil version of me appeared, telling me that I could hang out in bars much more often.…

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