Keep sketching to keep memories and improvements! |TIP53


I was sketching some buildings of Penang, A family stopped by and congratulate me on that drawing. It is always touching. Then a local men whose name is Joo, sat beside me. He asked me for how many years do I draw such illustrations. I told him that I actually seldom do that. These last…

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Look at people you draw, don’t be shy |TIP52


HAPPY DIPAVALI ! Today is the day of light in India. I am now in Penang, Malaysia where the Indian community is quite huge here. Despite of the rain we expect great festivities and an awesome fireworks side the sea tonight. 🙂 TIP#52 LOOK AT PEOPLE YOU DRAW. DON’T BE SHY. It is something that…

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Never get bored for 1$ |TIP51


I started to take a bad habit. Looking ay my phone or Ipad when I get bored. And it happens multiple time in a day. Beside that, I am also part of people who think that kids today shouldn’t play at Angry bird, but instead playing marbles or hide and seek. I have a nostalgia…

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What is the best drawing software now?


There is plenty of drawings software and apps I like. But the one I use for years is Sketchbook Pro. In term of drawing, that software is a lot better than Photoshop.I enjoyed the dynamics and natural lines that Sketchbook Pro provide. It’s a very light software, so it doesn’t lagg. You can easily find…

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