Wanna get cool design sketches? Do not start with details | TIP 162

TIP 162 Don't start with details - The design sketchbook - product and industrial design sketching tutorial - adidas sneakers drawing - cintiq wacom tablet

Should I get an Ipad Pro for sketching? I really like the idea of “On and draw”. That machine looks really cool. After so long, and deception with the previous Adonit Jot pen (Stylus for Ipad) – Apple seams creating something better than the Samsung Pro Note tablet. “Ipad Pro or not Ipad Pro? That…

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Draw more ideas with the random product technique + Photoshop quick render

TIP 156 Draw more ideas with the random product technique + Photoshop quick render - The design sketchbook - Product and industrial design sketching tutorial blog

Personal note: ”This past week has been very exciting with the launch of the course |SKETCH LIKE THE PROS|. It’s a real pleasure to see such enthusiasm from so many people around the world who share the same passion for Design Sketching. I would like to thank all of you for your awesome support for…

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7 reasons why designers use Photoshop |TIP113


Thank you Chetan Yadav for sending me your question. I remember I actually asked my self the same question when I was student. Q: Do I need to be proficient in Photoshop to work in the industry ? In the Product or Transport design industry, it usually doesn’t matter which software you use as long…

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Concept art collaboration Choutac x Adrien Wira |TIP99


My friend Adrien Wira and I tried something new, a Collaboration. It’s something I never though about till Adrien suggested the idea. We know each other for a while. We was classmate at Creapole-ESDI, in Paris studying Product design. Adrien is a talented Footwear designer at Adidas, in Germany. We used to work in the…

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How to activate Photoshop brush pressure: Opacity and Size variation |TIP98 |Video


Today a Video tutorial of Photoshop interface and brush (Opacity and Size pen pressure). After this tutorial you will know how to make your first sketch on Photoshop with your graphic tablet. 00:10 Create a new document 01:10 Interface presentation: Tool bar, tool preset, Canvas, Windows 01:30 Toolbar 01:50 Tool preset 02:09 Window for designers:…

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Photoshop > Change colour in a second! |TIP68


This tutorial contains few tips. You will see how to change the colours at the step 9 of this tutorial. Today I still carry on the popular Japanese warriors: the Samurai mask. They was made to scare their opponents in the battle field. To express that, I used organic, bony and scary shapes to reinterpret…

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How to activate Photoshop pen pressure |TIP67


CHOUTAC CHUNG – Samurai Robot Last night, I was trying some brushes in Photoshop. I tried a brush that remind me the quality line of one of my pen, the Uni-Ball EYE, from Mitsubishi. The flow of ink applied on paper with this pen is constant whatever speed or pressure you draw with. I don’t…

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Do not skip your perspective lines |TIP63


Last month I was in Penang, Malaysia. I took my sketchbook and sketched outside what I saw. This week I decide to try reaching the next level. Instead of reproducing the reality, I want to be able to create my own environment. I start to gather some inspiration digging pictures from my different trips. Above,…

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Sketch with fluid lines |TIP61

Capture d’écran 2014-11-08 à 3.12.34 am

Drawing with fluid lines will give life to your sketches. Sketching with fluid lines is an expression I especially like. I like to experiment it in different field such as drawing people, products, concept art and so on. I don’t give much boundaries to myself. There is so much to explore. Sketching while watching Music…

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Photoshop > Start sketching with a big canvas |TIP60


These days I am looking at some pictures of Evangelion. I am quite sensitive to this mix of organic and machines. So I started something trying to keep it simple. TIP 60 Photoshop > Start working with a huge canvas On Photoshop, it’s ideal to work with a canvas much bigger than needed. Somehow, bigger…

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Sketch with keyboard shortcut | TIP 6 – 7


Being not satisfied of the previous “Sketch 5 | Concept diving mask”, I decided to sketch a new version of it. Before starting, I keep in mind the mistakes I mentioned in that previous post. Chung Chou-Tac – Concept diving mask, 2014 TIP 6 Sketch with keyboard shortcuts Use the zoom in [Ctrl +]  and…

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Set up a high resolution file with Sketchbook Pro |TIP5

Zoom in (low resolution document)

Even if I have spent quite some time on that sketch, I am not really fan of it. I was trying too hard hiding my mistakes by overloading it of details. I guess I blind myself and didn’t realize early enough that the sketch base was not right. It naturally gives a clumsy result. The…

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