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Should I get an Ipad Pro for sketching?
I really like the idea of “On and draw”. That machine looks really cool. After so long, and deception with the previous Adonit Jot pen (Stylus for Ipad) – Apple seams creating something better than the Samsung Pro Note tablet.

Apple Pencil.png

“Ipad Pro or not Ipad Pro? That is the question.” To be continued…

I was chillin’ in front of my Wacom Cintiq 13HD tablet and decided to draw something on it. A sneaker. I’ll be using the round brush by default of Photoshop.

Sketching sneakers is really cool as it gives a lot freedom in your line expression. To express dynamism, it’s essential to start with the main lines – in other words, the main shape of your design.

Do NOT start with details. (Except for research purpose.) It’s a common mistake from beginners that you should avoid. Start your sketch with a global view.
i.e An architect doesn’t build a house starting with a door handle.

Adidas sketch sneaker The Design Sketchbook Photoshop b.jpg

Always start with the main shape.

As soon as you are pretty happy with your main volume and perspective, relax and spend more time on details.

SNEAKER ADIDAS Sketch The Design Sketchbook

Relax and draw details after sketching the main volume.

TIP: Draw the details on a separate layer.
So you can use your sketch as “underlay” and multiply your proposals (1 proposal per new layer). You will save a lot time at creating variation!

Adidas sketch sneaker 2 steps The Design Sketchbook Photoshop a copy

2 big steps: Main shape then details.

If you would like to see more tutorials and tips about lady shoes or sneakers, let me know! You can drop a message in the comment below.
Have a nice day.


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