How to draw a side view shoe in 3 tips | TIP119

Drawing shoes is not that easy at start. We often face some issues about proportion, and how to visualize the shoe in “3D”.

As well as Palette (Sketchbook for sneakers and lady shoes), I like to use templates before creating a new design of shoe. My template is not an existing basic design of sneaker, but a last. To give you some help, I recommend to split the process in 2 main phases:

  • Proportion and shape of the last
  • Design of the shoe

This video will give you 3 Tips to keep in mind + Some common mistakes before we go further for a step-by-step tutorial on how to draw a shoe (in further video).

3 essential Tips on How to draw shoes – Side view –


Some screenshot of the video:

00:14 TIP 1
“Higher the heel, shorter the shoe length”
When we first draw a shoe, we often drawing what’s in our brain instead of the reality. To draw shoes, our brain is not that reliable. Find in the videos 2 common mistakes that our brain like to trap us in !

Higher the heel, shorter the shoe length

01:24 TIP 2
“Use the tail for 3D contour lines”
It’s a simple mistake that a lot of beginners do. When they start drawing in side view, there brain goes in mode 2D. So the drawing become flat like a technical drawing. But, in reality perspective still apply. To solve this, there is a simple trick:

  • Use the tail when you draw your contour lines.

Use the tail for 3D contour lines


02:18 TIP 3
“Visualize and draw with The shoe maker contour lines”

We usually use contour lines like how a 3D software would “think”. For drawing shoes, I like to use a different logic. The one from the shoe makers.
It’s a technique I discovered chatting with the shoe technicians. There is 3 main lines I use that a shoe maker himself takes his measurement from. In further videos I will tell you more about How these lines help me to design shoes with a “fluid movement”.

Visualize and draw with The shoe maker contour lines

Hope it helps, let me know your questions and comments.

See you guys soon for the next videos !

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