In a visit to Madrid,
My parents and I had the chance to meet up with the students of my course Sketch Like The Pros: Pedro, Antonio, and Amor.

The whole night, we talk about design, sketching… Then, Antonio asked me if I could show him how to sketch a sneaker in 3D. We recorded the live tutorial in the video to share with you!


Never start by drawing the shoe. But draw the shoe lasts first. The shoe last is a standard form of a foot. When you got it done, you made 70% of the job! You have the proportion and the total freedom for creativity for your sneaker design.

For example:

  • If you want to draw a glove, you draw a hand first.
  • If you want to draw clothing, you draw a model first.
  • Same for a shoe starting with the shoe last.
How to draw Sneakers in 3D |live demo in Madrid
How to draw Sneakers in perspective step-by-step

I show you step-by-step how to draw an Adidas sneaker shoe design in perspective.
Let’s start!

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