How to draw Appealing Perspective with the CUBE MANIA Challenge Part 3/3 !

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is time to go further on the CUBE MANIA CHALLENGE Part 3/3. If you haven’t seen yet the 2 previous one, I invite you to follow these video tutorials at these links:

VIDEO 1 Start drawing in 3D with The CUBE MANIA Challenge !
VIDEO 2 Here we go for the CUBE MANIA Challenge !

If you are beginner, I invite you to go through these videos and making sure you did Download the Designer Starter Kit as well. If you already have some skills in perspective:

Let’s beggin now !

This technique is about purposely using a distorted set up of perspective so you can give more impact to your sketches. While in video 2, the sketch is more « proper », the video 3 looks more inviting, appealing.

Why ? Because as a product designer, one of your objective is to seduce your audience with your sketches.

Note: The technical drawing will be presented on a separate document, and eventually handled by an engineer team to support your project.
Each company has its own organisation on that. However all designers have sketching in common as the fastest tool to create and communicate their ideas.

This today tutorial will be a great introduction to help you visualise in 3d with such visual trick -which is commonly used by the Industrial design industry.

I personnally love that part, as it is so much fun to add your own touch !

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