How to draw straight lines (without a ruler)

How to draw straight-line without a ruler It may seem easy to some people, and downright difficult to others. Nevertheless, try not to ignore its importance, because the straight line will be one of the basic skills that you must absolutely master. After this tutorial, at very least you’ll be a pro at Dot-to-dot! Monkeying…

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How to draw a girl with a Nike Tennis outfit in 4 steps (Photoshop)

Nike Tennis Fashion Design

How to draw a girl wearing a Nike Tennis outfit in 4 steps Today is a quick tutorial of a Nike Tennis ware fashion illustration. I sketched and render in Photoshop and show you the process with the 4 main steps. All was done with a Wacom graphic digital tablet. From left to right: (Final…

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“Bad artists copy, good artists steal.”, Salvador Dali

A few days ago I was invited to the manga convention Manga Festival, which was hosted in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.* * I’m living here for two months. The convention wasn’t huge, but it attracted lots of passionate people, including cosplayers of the same excellent caliber as you’d find at Comiket in Japan or…

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Drawing Tips you should know about the ballpoint pen

I am completely a ballpoint pen person for drawing. Bics, felt-tipped pens, markers, double-tipped pens, pens with nibs large and small; I have tried hundreds of different types and styles. I especially like to try out the test papers in stores. It’s a relaxing shopping venture. Here is a selection of my best pens of…

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How to draw professional lines like a Designer?

The properties of lines are the keystone of a professional designer’s style. For example, you can find certain types of lines that are more likely to be associated with architecture, product design, or fashion.  This is, however, merely a generalization, because part the magic of art and design is the mixture of infinite and contrasting…

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Are you drawing with a correct body posture ?

Just like playing sports or the piano, when you’re drawing it’s essential to pay attention to the body position for drawing, especially the hands and fingers. Most people don’t realize it, but good posture allows you to draw faster, draw more precisely, and for longer periods of time. You can always draw with bad posture,…

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