Tonight I was chilling in the shopping mall NEX at Serangoon, and “randomly” went to the pen shop!

In this article below, you will see few quick sketches I made with the Signo Uni-Ball gel pen showing you some Tips about circles on cubes. If you want to glearn more from a video tutorial, you can have a look at the previous article: How to draw ellipses in perspective.

Spring or Autumn colour collection?

Love the alternative colours that are much more fun than the regular blue and red.
Unfortunately these colours was not available in pack – so I had to buy them individually at $1.95. (The currency is in Singapore Dollars = USD$1.36)

Pen signo Mitsubishi -the design sketchbook Colour selection

Get pens for drawing

I end going out happily from the shop with 11 new pens !
A series of 8 Mitsubishi SIGNO UNI-BALL GEL 0.38 and 3 Kuretake “twin pen” ZIG clean color F. I wonder why pen’s name are so long…  -.-U

Pen signo Mitsubishi -the design sketchbook

I couldn’t wait to draw with and see which one would be my best drawing pen. So I walked back with a double speed. I couldn’t resist sketching something as soon as I came back home.

Let’s do a quick pen test

The Signo Uni-ball Pen has a great flow of ink and gives nice variation of line thickness. However, you can’t play much with the lightness itself like how a Ball point pen does.
Like the previous video tutorial, I sketched some ellipses in perspective.

Pen signo Mitsubishi -the design sketchbook test ellipse perspective cube

It is pretty fun to draw circles on cubes.

As you can notice, all the circles are touching the others. Make sure they are well connected at the center of each edge.

Pen signo Mitsubishi -the design sketchbook test ellipse cube

How about drawing cylinders ?

At the bottom of the picture, you can notice some cylinders:
To do so, just draw 2 ellipses on 2 opposite surfaces.

Then connect them!
Basically, if you can draw a cube in different angles, you can draw cylinders in any angles as well! It’s Magic!

Pen signo Mitsubishi -the design sketchbook test

Today is not really a tutorial, but more some tips I hope are helpful to you !
Feel free to watch the previous video tutorial and try to draw circles and cylinders within cubes. Smile

See you!

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