How to draw a Super-Hero Photoshop |TIP 140 |VIDEO

Super hero steps

Hey today is a sketch of a Super-hero made with Photoshop. Actually I did that video just for myself and for fun. But I though I could add some Tips to share with you through this sketch. 1- The vertical axis here is here a symmetry axis of reference of the body. I want my…

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Concept art collaboration Choutac x Adrien Wira |TIP99


My friend Adrien Wira and I tried something new, a Collaboration. It’s something I never though about till Adrien suggested the idea. We know each other for a while. We was classmate at Creapole-ESDI, in Paris studying Product design. Adrien is a talented Footwear designer at Adidas, in Germany. We used to work in the…

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How to get a symmetrical sketch in perspective ? Use the “Middle line” |TIP 94 |Video


The middle line is essential to any designer. Mother nature made most of the thing on earth and outer space symmetrical. The human, then creates object mostly symmetrical as well. You may want to draw a spaceship, a rasor, a lamp, a car, a fashion model…anything symmetrical, use the Middle line. It’s mostly applicable for…

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Roll of paper challenge – Day 2 – How to regain motivation at drawing ? |TIP91


Second day of the Roll of paper challenge. My mood is not there. I sit and carry on drawing on the roll of paper. About 1.50meter later, I am not much happy with the results. I feel inefficient. I realised that I am not focused, and my imagination is dry. I don’t want to give…

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Roll of paper challenge: 7 days to fill the roll of sketches | Concept art |TIP90


To improve we need to regularly get out of our comfort zone. It’s something that we don’t do naturally. Relax, in sketching we can only improve. Even a little, it’s still a step forward. So keep in my mind your goal, and keep going. A friend of mine, passionate of concept art recommended me to…

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Get inspired from human or animals to draw concept art |TIP87


A great trick to make concept art engine more fascinating, is to give them a “soul”. How ? By giving them hands, eyes, head, skeleton, anything related to human or animals, your engine won’t be just a robot anymore. You give “him” the ability to think, and being able of self decision of movement. Yesterday…

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Use a pop of colour to direct your audience eyes|TIP86


Concept art, product design, car design, fashion design… all use this trick. It’s essential when you present your initial sketches to your colleagues, friends or eventually clients to promote your best ideas (Such preliminary research are seldom presented to the clients – except if a top selection is made.) To direct people’s eyes on certain…

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What is a “Happy accident”? |TIP85


When I sit on my desk and I start sketching, my fingers are quite stiff. The first sketches are often clumsy and it can be frustrating. However, after a bit of warm up, the lines get better, I feel more confident and I start focusing better.   First sketches of the night: I started my sketches…

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Sketch with reference pictures is not cheating (concept art) |TIP84


To get results faster, use reference pictures as much as you want. Sometime, your pride may stop you, somehow telling you that you are “cheating”. It’s a mistake. Tell yourself that you sketch in order to produce image and ideas. Sketching is not about memory performance (at the end, nobody care much :/). The most…

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Draw thumbnails skipping the details|TIP72


Drafting the content for the sketching video tutorial, I took a break and sketched some Concept art thumbnails. It was fun ! I would recommend to draw your thumbnails without taking much care of details. Ignore or simplify them. Focus on drawing the main shapes with fluid lines. Your scene will come out dynamic. The…

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To improve fast, get inspired from others |TIP41


  Thanks Adrien W. for telling me about Darren Quach. He’s an amazing concept artist. I found his Instagram account: dqsketches and his work really inspired me. I remember at school, with some classmates we already used to start drawing some robots. There is quite a while I didn’t do any and felt rusty. So,…

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How to make a creature using a light marker |TIP38


  Villy da’Locca saw the TIP OF THE DAY on the blog Facebook Page, and he decided to apply that TIP, NOW. That’s the best way to learn efficiently how to draw. You memorise and make useful the knowledge you’ve just learned. Otherwise, the human brain might unfortunately soon forget. >> Villy, you rock !…

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Chou-Tac Chung – Arachnid Creature, 2014 TIP 20 Make an impressive creature in a second Insert a small human silhouette as a scaling measure. Few pen strokes will do. The creature will appear giant like David and Goliath. Osmar Schindler – David and Goliath If you like this trick, let me know in the comment…

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Get inspired by nature |TIP19


I am fascinated by the tool “Vertical Symmetry” of Sketchbook Pro. You draw a half, and the software trace the second half automatically in real time. Wondering what to draw today, I had in mind the insect pin board where butterflies and other beetles are perfectly displayed. So, I decided to practice that tool today,…

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Sketch with keyboard shortcut | TIP 6 – 7


Being not satisfied of the previous “Sketch 5 | Concept diving mask”, I decided to sketch a new version of it. Before starting, I keep in mind the mistakes I mentioned in that previous post. Chung Chou-Tac – Concept diving mask, 2014 TIP 6 Sketch with keyboard shortcuts Use the zoom in [Ctrl +]  and…

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