Should I start learning to sketch on paper or Ipad Pro? | TIP 185


Hello from Paris Airport! It’s 6.19am, and I am waiting for my flight to Singapore with a transit at Ryhad. Today I wanna share with you a question I received from Yanik, who left a message on one of my video tutorial on Youtube. Oh, I will keep you updated about the preparation of the online…

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How to draw multiple cylinders in perspective | Part A

TIP 169 How to draw multiple cylinders in perspective - Part A - The design sketchbook - Product and Industrial design sketching tutorial (2)

Let’s look at how to draw cylinders in perspective. For this Part A, we will get interested in the top surface of a tube – which is actually “a cylinder within a cylinder”. You can see similar case for a camera lense for example. Below are the steps in picture ! 🙂

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Wonder what to draw ? Draw your house ! | TIP 149 | VIDEO

draw my house feat - Industrial design sketching

Sometime when we face a blank page, we wonder what to draw. There is a simple solution to get started – and create that “spark of inspiration”. It’s Draw your house. I mean pick up anything you like in your house, and draw it. You can decide to draw as it is, or modify or…

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7 reasons why designers use Photoshop |TIP113


Thank you Chetan Yadav for sending me your question. I remember I actually asked my self the same question when I was student. Q: Do I need to be proficient in Photoshop to work in the industry ? In the Product or Transport design industry, it usually doesn’t matter which software you use as long…

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Get ready for an earphone Doodle-storm! |TIP108


We all know about Brainstorming. I was thinking about making a “Doodle-Storm”. Try, and send me yours ! It’s a real pleasure to get absorbed by the “Doodle-Storm” session – Drawing some free form of an Earphone. I didn’t give myself a time limit (I had the whole night in front of me). However, my…

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Perspective | How to visualize and spot the converging lines? | TIP106 | VIDEO

sketching razor-converging lines perspective-sketchbook pro-feat

When you sketch an object, most of the time you can’t possibly draw the full set of Perspective: Horizon line Vanishing points Converging lines. However, it’s SUPER ESSENTIAL to always keep in mind the perspective rules to make sure that your sketch is correct. With practice, your brain will end visualising the converging lines intuitively.…

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Draw a dragon with the symmetry tool | Sketchbook pro |TIP62


Today drawing is an organic dragon head. I was randomly doodling and get slowly absorbed into it. So I totally forgot to take intermediate screenshot to share with you guys. I’ll try to get some for future doodling. CHOU-TAC CHUNG – DRAGON ORGANIC HEAD When I started to doodle, I didn’t really know about the…

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What is the best drawing software now?


There is plenty of drawings software and apps I like. But the one I use for years is Sketchbook Pro. In term of drawing, that software is a lot better than Photoshop.I enjoyed the dynamics and natural lines that Sketchbook Pro provide. It’s a very light software, so it doesn’t lagg. You can easily find…

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Get inspired by nature |TIP19


I am fascinated by the tool “Vertical Symmetry” of Sketchbook Pro. You draw a half, and the software trace the second half automatically in real time. Wondering what to draw today, I had in mind the insect pin board where butterflies and other beetles are perfectly displayed. So, I decided to practice that tool today,…

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Sketching with the Samsung Note Pro 12.2 | Tablet Review


Chilin at the airport, I made a stop at the IT store. I saw the latest Samsung Galaxy Note Pro 12.2 inch tablet – with a sensitive pen pressure feature . It really looks promising.  Let’s have a closer look. Two birds one stone Why not sketching  the 11th sketch at the IT shop testing…

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I noticed the overhead electricity wires and high voltage power lines from my balcony. They are such in an organized mess. It looks complicated, so why not give it a try ! Chou-Tac Chung – High-voltage power lines, Saigon, 2014I guess that what attracted my attention is the contrast between the static power distributor and…

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How to get a more sensitive pen with Sketchbook Pro? | MAKE YOUR SKETCH CHANGE THE WORLD | TIP 8 – 9

Head close-up

Earphone is a great subject for sketching various forms. They could be organic or minimalist. Today is just a quick sketch of an earphone which got a flat wire. The plus is that you could easily customize or replace the wire color. Simple. Did you notice that most of defectuous earphone come from the wire…

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Sketch with keyboard shortcut | TIP 6 – 7


Being not satisfied of the previous “Sketch 5 | Concept diving mask”, I decided to sketch a new version of it. Before starting, I keep in mind the mistakes I mentioned in that previous post. Chung Chou-Tac – Concept diving mask, 2014 TIP 6 Sketch with keyboard shortcuts Use the zoom in [Ctrl +]  and…

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Set up a high resolution file with Sketchbook Pro |TIP5

Zoom in (low resolution document)

Even if I have spent quite some time on that sketch, I am not really fan of it. I was trying too hard hiding my mistakes by overloading it of details. I guess I blind myself and didn’t realize early enough that the sketch base was not right. It naturally gives a clumsy result. The…

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