When you are a beginner and start sketching an object, you feel lost with Perspective.
There is a high chance your converging lines get clumsy.

To plan them well, you have to take care of multiple parameters at the same time:

  • Horizon line
  • Vanishing points
  • Converging lines.
  • And of course, the design of your product!

Don’t worry, when you learn it step-by-step, all makes sense.
And with practice, it will get natural to you like a 6th sense.

Dont skip Perspective.
It’s SUPER ESSENTIAL to always keep in mind
the fundamentals rules of drawing to make sure that your sketch is correct.

This is why you should request for you FREE Designer Starter Kit to make your first steps in Sketching.

Soon, your brain will start visualising the converging lines intuitively.
Make sure to train your perspective skills drawing many simple shapes such as cubes from different views.

VERY IMPORTANT:  the converging lines are one of your Best friend !!
The lines looks parallel, but they are not.
They slightly diverge.

If one day, your sketch looks “awkward”, and you wonder why ?
Check your converging lines. It will solve a lot of mistakes.

Without them, you can’t possibly imagine to draw in “3D” from your imagination.
So, each time you get to practice, visualise them or draw them with a light pressure with your pen.

sketching razor-converging lines perspective-sketchbook pro-a

Hint: As we can see the top of the razor head,
it means the razor is below the Horizon line (also called the Eye level).

sketching razor-converging lines perspective-sketchbook pro

I did this sketch with the software Sketchbook Pro, with a Wacom Cintiq 22HD.
Product and transport designers love it! The lines looks so smooth and natural.

If you also love sketching on tablet,
I warmly recommend you guys to download that light drawing software.

It is available on Mac, PC and tablets too!


sketching razor-sketchbook pro

I hope this sketching Tip has been helpful.
Let me know your feedback in the comments.

See yah for the next Tip of the day!



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  • Thanks, I was wondering how do create the converging lines for vanishing points that are off the paper?

    • Always keep in my mind the converging lines, even though they are very far. Some people like to exagerate the angle of these lines, getting closer to a fisheye effect. Why ? To make the sketch more impressive. It’s a pretty common technique for transport designers.