8 Tips to succeed in your art & design school

8 student tips to succeed design school

The 8 attitudes of Complainers vs Achievers. Feel gratitude Stop complaining to achieve more Starting simple is key. Be proud of your school Love the design process Don’t skip the basics of sketching Gamify Complainers drown in their Comfort Zone I’ve just received a happy message from Lola Lalic!She has been accepted into one of…

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Car design Tip | Sketch with the “Happy Accident”!

Hey guys, Today I would like to share with you a Tip I learned at my Design school. When I was student in Product design, I was so fascinated by Car design that I went to ask for information to the transport design students. One of them shared with me that his teacher one day…

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Sharpen your sense of proportion | TIP 153 | VIDEO

Let’s continue with the video tutorials exported from the exercises you can find in the book: the Designer Starter Kit. Feel free to download it and find the right elements for a good start in Design sketching. This week we already saw in the video: How to draw straight lines How to draw perfect squares…

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How to draw perfect circles | TIP 152 | VIDEO

This week we already saw: How to draw straight lines How to draw perfect squares To carry on your progress on your sketching daily routine, let’s look at How to draw awesome circles ! Video tutorial in pictures below Start drawing a circle Visualise a point of connection Connect a circle at this point Do…

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How to draw perfect square + the common mistakes | TIP 151 | VIDEO

Today we carry on with the 2nd video of the series of 6 – illustrating the Designer Starter Kit book (Feel free to download it and start from there. It’s free.) VIDEO 2/6 How to draw a perfect square. If you have done well in the previous tutorial about How to make straight lines, this…

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Wonder what to draw? Look in your house! | TIP 149 | VIDEO

We often wonder what to draw. Today, I share with you a simple solution to get started – and create that “spark of inspiration” to know what to draw. So you will fill that blank page of plenty of your drawings! Draw your house! If you are looking for drawing cool ideas, pick up anything…

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Drawing Tips you should know about the ballpoint pen

I am completely a ballpoint pen person for drawing. Bics, felt-tipped pens, markers, double-tipped pens, pens with nibs large and small; I have tried hundreds of different types and styles. I especially like to try out the test papers in stores. It’s a relaxing shopping venture. Here is a selection of my best pens of…

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Draw Sneakers with the “Fast & Dirty” Technique!

the fast and dirty way to draw sneakers

How to Draw Sneakers with the “Fast & Dirty Technique”! (7min14) 00:25 Draw with a thick nib 01:12 Start drawing with the “Shoe Last” 01:39 Add simple color blocking 01:47 Select a dark grey 02:57 Fail? Draw a new sketch! 04:58 Imagine your design on a store shelve 05:50 Draw Fast & Dirty! I love…

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5 reasons to drop Academic for Design School.

5 reasons to drop academic for design school

You want a career you love, not a job! Art and design school are not risky as people say. You are not a machine. You are a creative person! You have the rebellious mind of a Designer. You love to discover, study, and learn all your life! Have you ever felt “not belonging” at your…

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How to Draw Straight Lines (with Confidence)

how to draw straight lines

HOW TO DRAW STRAIGHT LINES VIDEO TUTORIAL | THE 4 CONFIDENCE EXERCISES Exercise 1: The ghost drawing Exercise 2: The constellation Exercise 3: The star Exercise 4: The pen pressure sensitivity Hello guys! Many beginners wonder how to get started in Industrial design sketching. You may tend to have clumsy sketches no matter how much…

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How to Draw with the “LEGO Block Technique”

how to draw an apple plug with the lego block technique

How to Draw an Apple Plug (with the LEGO Block Sketching Technique) Today, we draw a plug design by APPLE. And you learn the Block Sketching Technique. Study it and it will open in front of you a door with an infinity of Product sketching possibilities! To follow this tutorial, you need to go through…

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How to Draw a Sphere | Easy Shadow Technique

how to draw a sphere easy

How to Draw a Sphere | Easy Shadow Technique Draw a circle Draw the cast shadow with an ellipse Draw hatching for the shadow Draw 3d volumes with 2 ellipses only Draw the core shadow Light source from the left There are plenty of complex explanations of “How to shade a sphere” on the Internet.…

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Is it hard to create for a designer?

Yesterday 12.00pm, I went at the French restaurant L’Usine. It was my second meeting with my “Tinder date” Ngoc. *Pronounced “Gnop” in Vietnamese with a bit inflated cheeks like a pouting baby. I was very excited to meet her again because we are very different​, but have essential things in common. I felt I could…

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How to Draw a Cube (1-Point Perspective)

Learn perspective easy Pretty often beginners feel overwhelmed in front of perspective. There are so many lines going here and there that you even don’t know how to start. So I made this video to show you stroke-by-stroke how to draw a cube in an easy and simple way. (And the relaxing way) In this…

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How to make your Character design attractive and interesting?

the incredibles character design research from Pixar

Vivek Rai was sending me by email a pretty cool picture from a school task he had about creating characters. He asked me some tips about: How to generate ideas to create Character design? The whole idea is to make interesting features pop out. How? We need a story. A good story gives his characters…

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