How to assemble a women body armour

TIP 4 Assemble a body armour An armour can cover and hide a high percentage of the body. Visualize well the body below, it will help you to assemble that armour. You can leave a comment in the box below.

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Line of action drawing

Last  night I received a call. My friend told me that I should draw something that I am not used to. That it would be a great start for the “365 keep sketching challenge”. That night he was playing football. He asked me to join them to sketch them playing. I told him that I…

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Use a killer perspective for your sketch

A thorough understanding of perspective is indispensable for a solid foundation in drawing. Remember: Perspective is a highly effective tool for visual communication Perspective establishes a 3D image, representing volume in space by simulating the way a human eye sees. As with a camera, perspective can be manipulated or skewed to distort reality. This is…

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How do I draw good hatching?

Remember, draw your lines in a clean way. Begin cleanly, and end cleanly. Meaning, try to keep even pressure and speed from beginning to end. I show you a hatching drawing technique that is simple to apply. If you need it, you can train at drawing straight lines freehand first. Make sure you draw also…

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How to draw straight lines (without a ruler)

How to draw straight-line without a ruler It may seem easy to some people, and downright difficult to others. Nevertheless, try not to ignore its importance, because the straight line will be one of the basic skills that you must absolutely master. After this tutorial, at very least you’ll be a pro at Dot-to-dot! Monkeying…

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How to draw professional lines like a Designer?

The properties of lines are the keystone of a professional designer’s style. For example, you can find certain types of lines that are more likely to be associated with architecture, product design, or fashion.  This is, however, merely a generalization, because part the magic of art and design is the mixture of infinite and contrasting…

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