How to sketch a sneaker | Nike Air Max | The 1 minute tutorial

How to Draw a Nike Shoe Easy

Drawing shoes is now easier than ever! Follow my 1-minute tutorial and learn how to draw a Nike shoe with 7 simple steps! HOW TO DRAW NIKE SHOE EASY (Nike Air Max) We discovered How to become a Footwear designer with Mr. Bailey from Concept Kicks, I thought you might ...
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36 sketching TIPS revealed from the "7 meter NIKE Sneakers Sketch Challenge" !

36 Sneaker Sketching TIPS | 7m. Drawing Challenge!

To make sure you receive news on the launch of the Sneaker Sketching course, make sure to Register to the blog! 🙂 It took me 10 hours and 30 minutes of sketching to complete the 7-meter canvas in 4 days. It's an amazing experience I recommend you to do once ...
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Sneaker palette shoe design sketch for sneakers

Palette. A Sketchbook for shoe designer |TIP118

I am following a cool page about Footwear design on Instagram: @PaletteStudioCo Credit featured image on the home page from Rob Maston or @raw_mass @PaletteStudioCo on Instagram It showcased amazing works of pro, beginner or passionate of footwear design – drawing with the Sketchbook Palette. What is there so special ...
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How to Become a Shoe Designer? | Mr. Bailey – ConceptKicks.com

Today we discover how Mr. Bailey's experience can help you on How to become a shoe designer. Today's interview is meaningful to me. When I was a student Mr. Bailey published (still) awesome sketches from sneaker designers on his blog. It was a huge influence for me to become a ...
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How to Draw Shoes Easily for Beginners

To draw shoes easily requires some skill and a few tricks only experienced artists know. Check out my sketching tutorials to get the basics of shoe drawing and create stunning pieces of art! The Secret to Draw Shoes Easily Have you ever wanted to learn how to draw a shoe, ...
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nike sneaker drawing quality of lines

6 Tips to level up your drawing quality of lines!

Maxpower20 asked me if I would have any advice on "How to improve my drawing quality of lines?" I think it could be helpful to share my answer with all of you. Nike Sneaker sketch I did this NIKE sneaker sketch in Photoshop with the Wacom Cintiq 22HD. What makes ...
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Remember to set up in HD !

How I Draw an Adidas Wedge in Under 3 Minutes

Remember to set up in HD ! An extra video of an Adidas sketch I did at Georges White Coffee at Penang Island in Malaysia. If you have already read [the Designer Starter Kit], you may notice how often I turn the paper. It almost occurs at every single stroke ...
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Noah Sussman Sports Product designer portrait

How to become a Sports Product Designer | Adidas Performance, UVEX

Hello Design Sketchers !! Today is my great pleasure to introduce you Noah Sussman, designer for UVEX Sports in Germany. I met Noah when both of us used to work at Adidas Headquarters at Herzo. I was working in the footwear department and Noah in the accessory department. Once a ...
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Shoe design workshop - Perseverance pays off

Shoe design workshop – Perseverance pays off

I have friends who are big shoe lovers. They asked me to teach them how to draw shoes for lady and men. So we met at Starbuck for our own Design Sketching Workshop!  That was really fun, and super motivating ! Plus, we received some happy compliments from other clients ...
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Sketching Nike sneakers on my sketchbook

Don’t be precious with your sketches

Hello! It's Chou-Tac How are you today? Last day I was at Panam, a French pub in Ho Chi Minh owned and driven by my franco-viet friends Khiem and Remy. I enjoy going there to chill and eat Kebab. They make the greatest Kebab in town with amazing Belgium fries ...
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