Roll of paper challenge: 7 days to fill the roll of sketches | Concept art |TIP90


To improve we need to regularly get out of our comfort zone. It’s something that we don’t do naturally. Relax, in sketching we can only improve. Even a little, it’s still a step forward. So keep in my mind your goal, and keep going. A friend of mine, passionate of concept art recommended me to…

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Sketch with reference pictures is not cheating (concept art) |TIP84


To get results faster, use reference pictures as much as you want. Sometime, your pride may stop you, somehow telling you that you are “cheating”. It’s a mistake. Tell yourself that you sketch in order to produce image and ideas. Sketching is not about memory performance (at the end, nobody care much :/). The most…

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To improve fast, get inspired from others |TIP41


  Thanks Adrien W. for telling me about Darren Quach. He’s an amazing concept artist. I found his Instagram account: dqsketches and his work really inspired me. I remember at school, with some classmates we already used to start drawing some robots. There is quite a while I didn’t do any and felt rusty. So,…

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How to make a creature using a light marker |TIP38


  Villy da’Locca saw the TIP OF THE DAY on the blog Facebook Page, and he decided to apply that TIP, NOW. That’s the best way to learn efficiently how to draw. You memorise and make useful the knowledge you’ve just learned. Otherwise, the human brain might unfortunately soon forget. >> Villy, you rock !…

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Chou-Tac Chung – Arachnid Creature, 2014 TIP 20 Make an impressive creature in a second Insert a small human silhouette as a scaling measure. Few pen strokes will do. The creature will appear giant like David and Goliath. Osmar Schindler – David and Goliath If you like this trick, let me know in the comment…

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