Draw SONY projectors with Cylinders

how to draw cylinders with Sony projectors design

How to draw with cylinder, Sony Projector Design My dog Katy is itchy. I just caught a flea.Sometimes it is not easy to sit and draw – avoiding distraction. The phone rings, your dog or cat is seeking attention, or you get water in the kitchen … To help you sketch more often with better…

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How to draw a skull easy | Ballpoint pen art

how to draw a skull easy with ballpoint pen

How to draw a skull easy | Ballpoint pen art I’ve just arrived at the new Taco restaurant: “TACO DEL SOL”They have such a great skull logo! I always keep my ballpoint pen in my pocket ready to draw anytime.While waiting for my taco to arrive, I want to show you how to draw this…

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5 Tips to Find your Best Ballpoint Pen for Drawing!

how to find the best ballpoint pen for drawing

5 Tips to Find your Best Ballpoint Pen for Drawing! Draw something real A good pen doesn’t blob Look for a wide sensitivity of the pen pressure Get a retractable pen Consider a cheap ballpoint pen. This morning, I arrived 1 hour early at the Consulate of France. I walked around to kill time and…

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How to draw Cylinder forms (to create many products)!

how to draw cylindrical forms

How to draw Cylindrical forms! TIP 1 Draw with a Papermate Flair M TIP 2 The minor axis is your symmetry axis! TIP 3 The 3 steps to drawing “cylindrical forms” are easy TIP 4 Visualize boxes in perspective TIP 5 Draw contour lines TIP 6 Try the Spring technique! TIP 1| Draw with a…

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How to draw backpacks with thumbnails

how to draw backpack thumbnails

How to draw backpacks with thumbnails TIP 1 Start by drawing basic forms TIP 2 Ask for feedback early TIP 3 Brainstorm ideas TIP 4 Use underlay to save time! TIP 5 Draw with inspiration pictures How to find ideas for drawing with thumbnails? If you wonder what to draw, thumbnails are great to generate…

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Drawing on a Coffee Cup (Vietnam)


This morning, I went to the World Coffee Museum at Buon Ma Thuot, the capital of Da Lak (Vietnam). It has a small-town feel and I liked it so much! The architectural design of the museum is sensual with its curvy shape. Isn’t it? You can see in the picture below the small model size…

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How to Draw Hatching (and Rise your Speed of Sketching)

Hello!   I hope you are having a great day! : )   In product design sketching there is something essentialyou need to have: It is your Speed of sketching.   That’s why I’m going to help you with today by teaching you how to draw Hatching.   I do use Hatching in all my sketches:    …

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36 Sneaker Sketching TIPS | 7m. Drawing Challenge!

To make sure you receive news on the launch of the Sneaker Sketching course, make sure to Register to the blog! 🙂 It took me 10 hours and 30 minutes of sketching to complete the 7-meter canvas in 4 days. It’s an amazing experience I recommend you to do once in a while to sit, focus, and enjoy drawing…

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Drawing with ARTBOOKS CHALLENGE #1 / Inkwork by Darren Quach

As a Product Designer, I find plenty of inspiration in Sci-fi movies such as Star wars and Concept art sketches. * You can discover Edward Eyth interview who created plenty of sketches and innovation for Back To the Future II, Disney, MARVEL… that inspire nowadays creation such as the kitchen robot ! Recently I asked you…

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How to draw New products in 3 steps with this simple creative technique

Today we are going to cover a sketching technique to draw more creative sketches in a few minutes only! I love using it when I have no idea what to draw. : P If you face the blank page or feel afraid of sketching, I invite you to try this technique that will give you…

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5 reasons why you should NOT start learning to sketch with a Graphic tablet (but with a ball point pen)

How are you today ? . . Summer holiday period is starting ! : ) I hope you are crazy boosted for enjoying this free time for what you love: Sketching ! And get a great practice before going back to your Design school in September. . If you have any question during your journey about…

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The Art of Drawing Fast & Ugly Anywhere! (Professional Designer Technique)

A designer needs to draws without looking for perfection! (Vlog in Tokyo, JAPAN) BIG NEWS: This October 2021, The doors of my online Design Sketching course: Sketch Like The Pros reopen! I will show you how to master a professional sketching level even if you start as a True-beginner. If you are looking for making…

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21 Drawing Tips on How to Make a Designer Sketchbook

Today, I wanna share with you about How to Make a Sketchbook! During one of my recent trip to Spain, I met Antonio who is one of the students of my online course Sketch Like The Pros. Antonio did show me one-to-one his sketchbook, and he generously accepted to share with all of us 21…

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How to draw Sneakers in 3D |live demo

In a visit to Madrid, My parents and I had the chance to meet up with the students of my course Sketch Like The Pros: Pedro, Antonio, and Amor. The whole night, we talk about design, sketching… Then, Antonio asked me if I could show him how to sketch a sneaker in 3D. We recorded…

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Start your sketch with a light pen pressure

It’s late at night, it’s quiet and I suddenly saw a small booklet I handmade with watercolour paper and a golden pliers I bought at Tokyu Hands shop. I grab the closest ballpoint pen I see and sketch. Sketching is like practicing sport. Start with a warm up! My first lines are a bit rigid. So…

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