Drawing on a coffee cup / TIP 256

This morning,

I went to the World Coffee Museum at Buon Ma Thuot, the capital of Da Lak (Vietnam).

It has a small-town feel and I liked it so much!

The architecture design of the museum is sensual with its curvy shape. Isn’t it?

You can see on the picture below the small model size of it.

They reminds me small slugs though.

I love it when static architecture or objects feel like in motion.

Getting inspired by nature is a great way to bring that feel in.

The world Coffee museum of Buon Ma Thuot, Vietnam

I like the waves in the field spreading around the architecture

At the end of the visit, we naturally took a coffee break.

We choose an ice coffee with milk.

They served us in a paper cup.

I noticed the cup had a beautiful blank surface on it.

We sat and chill.

Under the sun and the windy feel, I couldn’t resist to take my ball point pen from my bag and start drawing the temple I saw far away.

When you can’t resist to draw on a blank surface

The first difficulty is the ball point pen can’t draw on a vertical surface for long. The ink needs gravity to flow. So make sure you drink your coffee so you can bend it a bit.

Few minutes of pure fun at sketching and doodling on anything

The second difficulty comes from the ice cubes inside. The cup get wet. However, you can take this at your advantage and use it to blend your ink and give a smudge look at to your sketch.

I used a ball point pen, so it was quite waterproof.

For a better smudge effect, use a felt or gel pen.


Just added some clouds to bring a touch of life and movement

It was a drawing for the instant moment, an instant memory.

So I didn’t kept the cup.

However, you could easily imagine starting building a Coffee cup collection with your drawings on them.

You may display the cups on your shelves at home or office.


”Whenever you see a blank surface, draw on it!

Don’t resist.”

Draw whenever you can, and always bring a pen with you!



Ps: Some additional pictures from the visit:

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