I love napkin sketches.
You can catch unexpected scenes when you are ready to draw on any support!

At Cuc Gach Quan, Saigon –
I discovered a mix of modern and antique restaurants.

The walls and props decoration has been preserved for decades:
Bowls, spoons, and wood chopsticks are so authentic.
You could see some cracks on the bowl edge, which is actually charming.

Old restaurants seem to become trendy again.

Today’s generation from the city feels nostalgia.
Here, they can eat with utensils they used during their childhood in the countryside.

Be inspired by unexpected experiences

Diversify the places you go.
Disrupt your habits to try new things, new restaurants, new movies, and new sports…

Sometimes, you will get disappointed.
But you will also for sure get unexpected experiences that inspire you positively as an artist!

Woman at the main counter

A cracked bowl with toothpicks

Local sour drink, Nuoc Ep Coc – which the straw is a “tube” from Morning glory vegetable.

Nuoc Ep Coc juice

I seldom go twice to a restaurant, as to me it’s like watching twice the same movie.
This is why it is so important to catch that unique moment now.

Vietnam has a great diversity of unique cafes and restaurants.
The other day, I was drawing on a paper coffee cup at a museum at Buon Ma Thuot.


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  • wuauuu ! cool, good idea Chou! That’s very funny as I never see a move twice, but I always go to the same restaurant!

    You might make us a “Vietnam Restaurant Catalogue” (like a guide for Europeans traveling) with your drawings and comment about each one? …mmmm this could be you challenge for #366 !!! 🙂
    Thank you Chou for this first DAY! (001)