Hello !!

It’s Chouchou, 🙂 I hope you had a great week-end plenty of fun !

2018 is coming already,
I started to plan the next year projects for The Design Sketchbook !
I am happy to say I am preparing more videos, more tutorials, designer interviews from around the world ! (Such as with Dwayne Vance, former designer for Hot Wheels in US!)
And I got also something SPECIAL for you :
My very first VLOG video ! Ohoh !!
You know what ?
I don’t know much (yet) about how to make Vlog videos.But I think the best way to start and learn is by doing and publishing them without looking for perfection. So I could evolve along the way with your feedbacks and questions.

It is pretty much the same when I learned how to sketch, I didn’t wait to be perfect to dare showing my drawings. I get feedbacks, so I could evolve much faster. 🙂

“Remember that no matter your project,
Perfection should never STOP you.”

Tell me by email or in the comments what you think about a VLOG for the Design Sketchbook. 🙂 I am happy to receive your messages and build this channel with you.

And feel free to share this new project to whom it may helps !

PS: On Friday 8th, I will be in London for 4 days.
If you wanna meet up let me know !


PPS: I will then be in Madrid for Holidays with my parents the 13th December. Same same, send me an email so we can chit chat eating tapas. 🙂

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