A complex object is the result of many simple things assembled together. With a minimum of gesture, you will be able to draw an infinity of things.

I was preparing the sketching video tutorial content at Starbucks. But then, why not sharing with you a bit of it. To explain better my method, I actually decompose my own work in small pieces. And I realised that 80% of the time, I use only 3 types of line to draw. You can refer to the picture below:

  • the straight line
  • the C-curve
  • and the S-curve

This sneaker need less than 20 lines to be achieved ! I’ve just surprised myself counting them.

I apply the same method for drawing people.

The C-curve and S-curve have different variation. I will make a tutorial with some exercises of practice on how to better master different angles of curves. As you can see, the principle is simple. But, you will need to practice for your brain and hand to memorise all these movement. You will soon naturally increase your drawing speed by 2 or even more. Feel free to try the method drawing things in side view. It will be easier for a good start.

To increase even more your speed rate, but especially the quality of your sketches, it will be about practicing the drawing fundamentals.  We will take the time to discover them one by one in further tutorials.

That’s all for today ! A simple TIP to kindly remind you that you have no reason to be scared of learning how to draw. It’s all about starting in good condition, with enthusiasm and doing that step-by-step.

See you guys for the next TIP OF THE DAY !


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  • Chou-Tac,

    This method has worked for me quite well when I teach drawing to 9+ year old students.

    I have added a circle to this and call it CSIO technique.
    It helps tremendously in children moving from drawing multiple short line segments, TO, fluid strokes while drawing.

    Here, they can add details later, once they get the proportions right.

    I am glad to learn that it’s practised and taught by you as well

    I find all your stuff that you share. Please keep up the great stuff.