3 techniques to give visual impact to your sketches | The Design Sketchbook Show! #1

Hi guys,

Today I am in Seoul, Korea ! It’s amazing and also super cold here. About -7 degrees outside. Ohoh ! Getting warmer back in my room, I thought it would be cool to publish the replay of our Design Sketchbook Show here in the blog !

In case you missed it, I show you below 3 techniques to give visual impact to your sketches, and many many moresketching tips ! 🙂

It’s a 1hour course that introduce my new creative program 2017. You can already register to the waiting list at this link: http://bit.ly/BringYourSketchAlive

If you have any question, feel free to send me an email or leave a message in the comments !

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If the sketching methods I’ve acquired aid me in my life and in my career, I believe that they can also help you to learn, and help you with your projects. Whether Design is a job or a hobby it doesn’t matter, so long as you do what is important to you.


  • Alabazter

    Reply Reply September 12, 2017

    Hi, Chou… I’ve signed up to download two of your books (The Designer Starter Kits and The Designer Material Guide). But, I still don’t receive their download link. Would you mind to send me to my email? Thank you

    • Chou-Tac

      Reply Reply September 12, 2017

      Sent in your email 🙂

      • Alabazter

        Reply Reply September 12, 2017

        Thank you for your kindness. Wish the best for you 🙂

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