Be “color inspired” from your surrounding

Take your surrounding as Color inspiration


CYMERA_20141004_132203To choose a color combination is not that easy. However, here is a simple trick that the fashion industry commonly use. You can apply it to choose the marker colors combination for your sketches.

It’s actually quite simple. It just needs a bit of daily observation effort. Look in the street, media, magazines cover, packaging, interior decoration, celebrities outfit, fashion editorials, flags, basket ball logo, toys…  With a bit of self training, you will notice recurrent color combination. It will appear obvious to you.
e.g.Grey + Pink  |  Brown + Turquoise  |  Orange + Red  |

green-yellow-lizard[8]Nike-Dunk-Green-Yellow-King-Pig-High-Tops-2[9]world cup brazil[17]Paris Fashion Week - Louis Vuitton (Spring-Summer 2013) 14[19]moschino-spring-RTW-2014[21]



A great website for color inspiration:
The site pick up thousands of colour palette from Street fashion, magazines cover ect
They have already done the analysis for you.


You will play with thousands of colour palette to get inspired from – as well as knowing everything about colours !

everything about colours canva design colours.pngcanva colour palette design.png

Let me know your tricks on color combination !

Drop a comment below !

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