How to draw a girl wearing a Nike Tennis outfit in 4 steps

Today is a quick tutorial of a Nike Tennis ware fashion illustration. I sketched and render in Photoshop and show you the process with the 4 main steps. All was done with a Wacom graphic digital tablet.

Chou-Tac Chung - Nike tennis ware
Chou-Tac Chung – How to draw a girl with Nike tennis ware

From left to right:

  • (Final result)
  • Step 1 Body movement
  • Step 2 Body structure
  • Step 3 Clothing and Pattern
  • Step 4 Colors and shading

STEP 1- Feel the body movement

  • Choose a body with a curvy position.
  • Identify the line of action
  • In fashion illustration, curvy body positions give the clothing more life!
  • Draw very light as we will use this first sketch as a template

STEP 2- Draw the Body base

  • Before drawing the clothes, it is essential to draw a simplified form of a naked body. (Don’t start drawing clothing, but the girl below first)
  • Note: Some of you may have learned how to draw fashion models with 2D contours. It is a great method.
  • However, I recommend approaching it like how cartoon animators draw characters- a 3D approach. Each part of the body is a simplified volume. For example, an arm would be 2 cylinders connected.

STEP 3- Clothing and Pattern

  • Add the clothes on the body base.
  • Erase unnecessary lines to clean the overall, and keep the contours.
  • Create a new layer below the outlines.
  • Set your outline layer to: Multiply to see though
  • Add patterns on the clothes

STEP 4-  Colors and shading

  • Choose your color palette.
  • Add flat colors.
  • Add shading and lighting.

Final result


Increase your pen pressure at each stage.
Lighter you start, more “mistakes’” you can afford.

This quick tutorial on fashion design and illustration is a preview to some of the upcoming tutorials which I will explain and show you step by step on how to:

  • Draw people
  • Draw hands
  • Use Illustrator or Photoshop to create patterns
  • Use software to draw fashion design
  • Choose the right graphic tablet

Nike-Tennis-ware-Sketch-to-Photoshop-rendering-a-Chou-Tac-ChungIf you have any questions or things you would like to learn and discover, please let me know in the comments below.

It will help me to know you more, and adjust the next tutorials to your needs.


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  • Hello Chou-Tac, I wanted ask if you’re able to go into detail about you applied the pattern/texture in Photoshop. The blend modes, opacity, layer effects etc because simply adding a texture and blending it with the color doesn’t seem so simple and straight forward.

    Thank you very much