How to draw a fashion model in motion |TIP35-36

Fashion cow boy drawing

I don’t have internet yet in my new apartment. So I went to a Hong Kong style cafe nearby where they offer free wi-fi until 2 am. The cafe had some magazines. I took one and get some inspiration in the fashion photoshoot pages. My favorites! I took my sketchbook, and I started to draw.

Cox boy fashion model drawing

Fashion cow boy drawingChou-Tac ChungCow-Boy Denim x Lace

Bring life into your sketches. That’s what a fashion photoshoot conveys. The model’s body shape is highly curved in real. For illustration, we do not hesitate to exaggerate even more! Look at the spine: pink inverted “S” curve.

Movement attracts people’s eyes. The reader spends more time on the picture. His eyes navigate along the invisible curves of the body and props. The photographer makes sure that most of the product that the model wear has a chance to be noticed. Did you see that her body curve is also an inversed “S”?


Identify the body line of each model.


TIP 35 Draw your props in motion

We will purposely exaggerate the movement to bring a stronger expression.
The pearl necklace seems to be almost in levitation.

We are now familiar with the invisible line of the body. Do the same with the objects. Take the habit to identify the general movement of things, then explore the details.

TIP 36 How to draw a necklace of pearls

We want to draw first the invisible to better show the visible.

  • Visualize first the wire inside the necklace
  • Trace the wire with fluidity and a light wrist
  • Draw each pearl one by one following the trajectory.
  • Done!

Simple right? Smile Otherwise, let me know, and let’s see how I can help.

Experiment the mistakes: Take a draft paper, and try drawing the necklace of pearls without the invisible wire. I wish you good luck eh eh
I have no doubt that you could do it well, but it will take you a much longer time.

Remember to keep the flow in your lines! I invite you to read the article


How to draw curves testing pen pressure with a ballpoint pen

That’s all for today!
If you have any questions, let’s discuss it in the box below.

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