Hi guys,

To keep in touch more often with you, I am experimenting blogging with my phone!

Texting from Singapore

I am writing with my Xiaomi (Redmi) phone and the screen is pretty small. I feel like writing an email to you while I actually write an article for the blog.

And I like it like that.

Why? Because the mindset is different and I feel closer to you. This way, I wish sharing with you more daily things I observe or come up in my mind that can help you. 🙂

It’s experimental, and somehow a new way of blogging for me. Please feel free to let me know your though about this in the comments.

After a while, if you guys like the experiment, I may get a NEW phone with a bigger screen! Hehe. (Trying to find myself an excuse to get a newer toy!)

This week-end I am flying to Bangkok, and I feel trying sending my though more directly and instantaneously using my phone. So whenever I want to write to you, I won’t need to go back home writing from my Macbook. I can just do it on the spot and send it wherever I am. 🙂

Take care and see you for the next article.

Cheers, Chou-Tac







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