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Two days ago, Khartik has sent me a question by email: How to draw a box with a hole inside?

So I decided to make a video and share it with all of you.
We cover some basic perspective starting building a cube then set up a hole drawing which is basically a cylinder. It’s a great advantage to be all together on board on the same boat.
It’s to benefit from each of your questions. To do so, I thought it would be cool to make a video about it! 🙂


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    • My pleasure Mike !

      I am glad the sketching video tutorial helps you.

      By the way, make sure to register to the blog to get the Designer Starter Kit. 🙂

      See you !

  • Hello my brother.. I am shabi khan from India.. I want to learn how to sketch properly.. Sketching is our language to share what is inside our creative brain..

    Me and my all friends wants you to visit India.. Here are your many followers like me..
    Please visit once..

    Shabi khan

      • Hello my dear brother…
        I am happy to see your reply..
        I live in Delhi n waiting to welcome you in India..
        I’m sure you will love the food here, specially mughlai food of Delhi-6..

  • Hi Chou-Tac,

    Do you have any techniques for accurately drawing cubes in perspective? What I mean is, to get that precise 1:1 side ratio. From memory, all I’ve seen you do in the past is estimate this (and you do an excellent job), but I find even being out a fraction can effect my construction work. Maybe that’s an idea for a future video. Hope this makes sense. Keep up the good work!


    • Hey Hello Luke,

      I do understand what you mean, but it’s a technique I do not recommend personally as it’s not worth the time and effort. Once again to me. For sure might have people disagree with me. But I actually never heard about any designer using this method though. I saw some tutorial about it on Youtube, please go ahead. Study it carefully. It’s always great to get the information that interest you. I wish I could help you on this, but the way I do is observation, estimation and of course practice. 🙂

      If your proportion is closed enough, it should not affect your construction work. Instead what you should take care the most is if the converging lines have been well respected.

      Hope it helps !


      • Thanks for your response.

        My drawing teacher at design school is more ‘old school’, leaning towards accurate drawings, rather than looser sketches. His cube techniques are quite time consuming.

        I prefer your style and approach to be honest – so I’ll keep practicing along these lines. 🙂

    • Hello my dear brother…
      I am happy to see your reply..
      I live in Delhi n waiting to welcome you in India..
      I’m sure you will love the food here, specially mughlai food of Delhi-6..

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