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Most beginners abandon their dreams because of lack of confidence. They love sketching but give up too early. They practice a lot and even put a lot of effort as we say “Practice is the key”. But they never progress so they conclude they don’t have any talent, and talent is innate. Actually the cause is elsewhere: They had nobody to show them the techniques.

I remember how much I struggled at start feeling also discouraged.

Let me show you something a bit embarrassing. Hehe, but I am happy keeping. It’s the first sketch I did for my admission exam for my Design school. I was 22 and I was frustrated drawing like a child. (Picture at the end of this email) May I share with you a bit more about my learning journey?

At first, I was not aimed to be a designer.

At 18, I went to a “corporate path” like most people do. I studied business and Information technology. I graduated. Great, but so what ? I was not thrilled. You know, it’s that sensation that something is missing to feel happy.

I was fascinated by how designers change people’s life. But I had no connection, no experience, nothing.
So I decided to restart from zero. I enrolled in a 5-year Master degree in Product design in Paris. It was the biggest and best decision I ever took in my life.

But learning how to sketch at school was a pain at start. My first sketches was so clumsy and I had no idea how to make them better. I felt stuck, my motivation was down and I was going nowhere.

One day,
the school introduced us to senior students. They also started from zero. But they was doing internship for Nike, Toyota, Salomon, Louis Vuitton ! So I told myself:

 “If they could do it. I can make it too!”

That day, my belief changed. I knew it was possible.

With my classmates, we struggled a lot but we grow our skills. We was imperfect, but we kept going. Instead of focusing on our imperfection, we felt gratitude to all the tiny steps we did everyday. Still sometime, I wish I took a shortcut giving me all the things I know today.

Then I build a portfolio.
With that, I met people who believed in me. Opportunities opened. I went to study fashion in Los Angeles, did a car internship for Daihatsu (Toyota) in Japan, and even design sneakers for Adidas at the headquarter in Germany. It was a dream for me I though unreachable ! Few years back, I wouldn’t imagine even 10% of that would be possible.

Today, I hope helping passionate people to believe in themselves. I share with you all the things I wish having when I was student myself for you to avoid the mistakes I did and push you toward your dreams.

I tested a beta version of the course with volunteer students last month, I am glad having positive and happy feedbacks. So I decided to launch the official course very soon, hopefully by next week ! Plus, I will give you 1-to-1 feedback on you sketches if you want to. (Limited to the first 50 students)

My first sketch: Entrance exam for my design school. Before that I practiced a lot, but I had no technique.

Graduation day - Product design sketching Concept Sony
My last sketch: Graduation exam for my design school. I obtained my Master degree with honours :). 

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  • Me encanto esto, (en especial por el ejemplo) porque uno puede sentir que es su propia historia, que es su día a día y de verdad alienta muchísimo, hace pensar que sí hay esperanza. Adoro lo simple que haces ver el dibujar y la manera en que logras que uno elimine esas ataduras mentales el “no puedo” “no soy capaz” para comenzar un proceso donde el avance es muy rápido, donde en poco tiempo se ven resultados muy buenos.
    No me cansaré de dar las gracias! c: