I was chilling at Georges Town White Coffee. A beautiful Coffee built in a 100 years old house at Penang, Malaysia. That city is one of the Unesco World heritage site. I hoped that place would have good vibes for inspiration.

These are my first video I publish of my live sketching. It’s a good way I think to show you guys how I proceed.

adidas yohji yamamoto y-3-theDesignsketchbook-d
Y-3 Adidas Mid wedge sneaker

adidas yohji yamamoto y-3-theDesignsketchbook-e
Y-3 Adidas High wedge sneaker

The artists of the great sound behind:  Robynn & Kendy – Xiao Shuo Ban Ka Fei

I get a design with these words in my mind. Pure, avant-garde, technical for Y-3, Yohji Yamamoto for Adidas.

That’s all. Feel free to share your comments.
See you guys.


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  • Hi-Five Chou-Tac,

    I just went through the first pdf of The Designer Starter Kit.
    I practised some circles and ovals. But found it impossible to combine this:
    “DRAW WITH THE FULL ARM, ELBOW NOT RESTING ON TABLE” (page 2, about posture)
    “MAIN SUPPORT ON THE PALM”, or “MAIN SUPPORT AT THE PISIFORM BONE” (page 7, about pen grip).

    When drawing with the full arm and the elbow not resting on the table, it is impossible to keep the pisiform bone on the table/paper when drawing **large** circles, ovals, long lines. I have to hover my hand above the table. (More like a traditional painter would do.)
    Is this bad ?

    In the videos (where you sketch in the tiny notepad) are you drawing with your full arm ? Your fore arm barely moves.

    • Hello Don,

      There is no forum.

      However, I do have a Design sketching online course where I give 1-to-1 correction of your sketches. 🙂

      Let me know if it’s something that may interest you.


  • I have enjoyed your videos on YouTube and really appreciate your efforts. I analyze everything I begin to death in order for me to make the best possible decision to move forward. I have spent time with hundreds of different design, life sketching and drafting channels on YouTube and it is Chou Tac’s channel I feel most comfortable with moving forward.

    I am trying to practice according to your booklet, circles. Should they be small or large. Seems unfair making small circles the size I am already acustomed to in writing 0’s and o’s.

    Move from shoulder or wrist? Turn the page or not? I receive conflicting information. I have heard different things. If I am in front of an easel with arm outstretched then it is obvious your movement should be a fluid shoulder movement. What about when you are sitting at your desk or the coffee shop? Should I lift my forearm off the desk with stokes controlled by my shoulder? Should I be turning the page?

    I did click the link and watched your video in the coffee shop. You were turning the page, but others tell me I need to learn not to turn the page.

    Thank you Chou Tac

    Sincerely, Don

    • Hello Don,

      Yes, when you are sitting on a chair drawing on a desk, you have to draw moving your whole arm as well.

      I do recommend turning your paper so you can easily draw more type of curves easier, faster and more accurately – instead of moving your body.

      Hope it helps!