Here we go for the CUBE MANIA Challenge ! VIDEO 2/3

Hello Hello !!

Yesterday we saw the Part 1 of the Cube Mania challenge. We get familiar with drawing cubes in 2-point perspective, but also how to expand its dimension in all directions.

You can click here to start with this video here. And if you are a true-beginner, remember to download the Designer Starter Kit! 🙂

Here we go for the Part 2, where you will learn a simple rule of geommetry to duplicate first a simple square in 2D, then see how to apply it in a 3D scene with 2-point perspective.

You will see that as soon as you get it, it will be pretty addictive. If you want to improve super fast, you can simply lock 2 hours (or more) in a row (without taking any break preferably) and keep drawing and drawing ! It is gonna be so cool that you won’t want to stop but keep drawing more and more cubes from any angles. Hehe.

It’s literally a game !

See you soon for the Part 3 ! : D

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