When basics become instinct |TIP29


I dig in an old toolbox at my parents’ place. I found this door hinge.

I took one of the most “intricate object” from the box. I actually liked it for its mechanism.

2014-09-18 19.05.492014-09-18 19.06.03

So, I decided that it will be my sketching challenge of the day!

TIP 29 basics will become instinct

Train yourself at drawing things in different angles. Remember to apply the fundamental’s rules of perspective, and simplification of shapes. These two are your best friends. More you’ll know them, more you’ll follow them by instinct.


Chung Chou-TacDoor hinge from the tool box

Before drawing the door hinge mechanism, make sure to understand it well first. Identify the pivot axes.

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  • Tony Teng

    Reply Reply October 20, 2014

    Really really outstanding drawings for mechanical component, is it possible to put up a bit more of these ? and one request if i may, can you put up a tutorial on how to draw tyres and wheels ? they are extremely difficult to draw in 3D

    • Chou-Tac Chung

      Reply Reply November 4, 2014

      Hi Tony, I took note of your request. For a quick help, if you got difficulties to draw tires and wheels, start by drawing a rectangle in perspective (parallelepiped). Include a cylinder inside. It will help you as a good base.

  • Renata Lahalle Goeggel

    Reply Reply September 20, 2014

    excellente idée! C’est marrant on voit bien le designer que tu est, moi (tant que femme aussi) j’aurais pris je ne sais pas une vase ou un truc dans ce genre! Ton dessin rend super bien et en plus avec ta méthode tu verras effectivement mieux cet objet. Bravo

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