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Today let’s BOOST your motivation to create
and enjoy the 6 benefits of learning sketching on paper!


Because there is no better sensation than to create with the traditional way!

We saw in the previous TIP 243 that too many design students
hide their sketching weakness by relying on 3D software.

However, don’t get me wrong.
I am not saying you should banish them.

If you master these 3D softwares, it is a wonderful asset!
But you have to master sketching!


Because any 3D modeling skill is replaceable…
your designer creativity is not.

And sketching is the best way to expand and communicate it.

drawing with ball point pen box buy cristal large black
TIP: Buy your ball point pen in bulk

Benefit 1: Cocreate with your client

Show raw sketches to your client.
So you can get his feedbacks and iterate on the spot with him.

It will give you higher chance to create toward the right direction.
You will create with more confidence and enthusiasm!

You rise your chance to get your project validated earlier and with higher success.


Benefit 2: Create now! Be spontaneous!

Imagine a super idea pop in you mind.

Would you:

Option 1:
Take your pen and draw.


Option 2:
Get your tablet out of your bag, uncover it, switch it on, type your password, choose your drawing app, create a new document, draw.

I personnally prefer the option 1. And you?

Ok, some of you may say you’ll have your ideas recorded in the cloud.
But I think to me ideas should drop on paper as fast as possible.

Take an idea like a “hot meal”.
It has to be served fast before it get cold.

Spontaneity matter.

Don’t trust your memory.
If you tell yourself: “I will note it later”.
There a high chance you’ll forget.

Draw a very quick doodle of your idea.
Then, you can always take your time to rework on it on tablet if you want/need to.

ball point pen BIC black drawing nib.png
The ball point pen is your best creative partner. Always carry it with you.

Benefit 3: Create your own style.

With 3D software, you are highly limited by the tools and the functions available.
The way you build your curves and radius on the soft for example are “predefined”.

For example, while Rhino is doing great at making organic forms,
Solidworks is amazing for an engineering look.

Depending on which software you choose.
You can expect making a certain type of results.


If you can’t sketch,
you might have hard time to express you own style.

A sketch is the greatest way to convey emotion. You want it to touch your client’s heart.
Remember that your style is what will make you unique.

And highly valuable in the industry.
This is what will make you stand out from others.

To build your own style, I recommend you to get inspired from other artists and designers you admire.

So you can create your own style mixing your “own set of influences”. 

Companies who need creative and innovators will first want you as a designer.
Not as a 3D modeler.


Benefit 4: Be connected to real life (vs Google “virtual image”)

In a design studio, we look for information facing a computer screen all day long.
This is why I recommend you to spend time to draw outside of the office hours.

Go out in the city, countryside, villages… with your pen and draw.

Remember to know how to stay away from Google image, Pinterest or Instagram.
This is not natural at start. It has to be a deliberate action till it is part of your daily life.


Benefit 5: Secret Garden

If you ever have a Moleskine notebook
or any draft paper sketchbook, it can become very personnal.

What is happening in your sketchbook stays in your sletchbook.

This is your secret garden.
No censorship. No one is allowed to look at it without your aproval.

It is for your own research purpose.
Nobody will judge you as nobody has an access to its content.

The design sketchbook is an extension of your brain
that you can flip the pages anytime very fast to refresh your mind of ideas.

I doubt flipping the pages of
your virual notebook gives you as much excitement as on paper.

Notice that your sketchbook doesn’t need any battery!
It can be kept and used for decades without any (damn) software update!


Benefit 6: HAVE FUN!

At the end of the day, why do you like to draw?

Because it is so much exciting to give life to your ideas and make them evolve!!
So no matter all the obstacles you may face, keep up!

Be ambitious. Dream big. And be happy!

Take care.




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