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I am not very happy of how education system is trying to create “clones” learning literature and math. How about art and creativity?

Art and education are like oil and vinegar. They can’t blend. Ok, whatever! But if you blend them well adding a bit of salt and pepper, you can make a tasty sauce! Right? :9


“I followed the flock as a black sheep.”

I remember how I enjoyed sleeping in class when I was 6. I was a nice boy and I succeed being average along the years. But I was bored, I respected all my teachers though and I had great friends to play with. So I had a happy childhood. But I always wonder What if I would discover more about arts (Drawing, sculpting, music, dancing…) at this young age?

Instead, I didn’t show any talents or interest for anything in class. Anything we learned was from books and a chalk board. I followed the flock as a black sheep. 

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Are you a black sheep?

There is often a debate about innate talent. Instead, I rather worry about the wasted talent.

If you have been distracted at school or maybe dreaming looking at the windows – Being physically present, but mentally absent. Your teachers may perceived you as nonviable. Why? Because you “had” no discipline. You didn’t listen when they tried to educate you.

I remember my Physic teacher when I was 11yo – Every Monday at 8am, whoever yawn was punished – send to the back room. I was one of them… Haha. Oops!

Some teacher may scold you to get you back to the sheep flock – or some may just ignore you giving up thinking you are a lost cause. I heard someone say. “People with no discipline can’t succeed at anything.” 

Discipline is whether you have it or not. False! Discipline is attached to a context. If you are cold, you shiver. If you are hot, you perspire. It’s all about how much you can take.

If you have no dicipline, it may means you need help – like someone bringing you a blanket, or refreshing you with a fan.

You may unfit that current education system (or inverse). You may look worthless from some people’s eyes – but your interest may be just elsewhere.

If your teacher did “blacklist” you – it’s not because you are worthless, but because they don’t understand you.

Don’t blame them personnaly as they grew in that system too.

If you are bored at school, maybe you should ask yourself what make you thrill. If you don’t know, try new things! Test, explore! Don’t wait for people telling you what you should do as a sheep. Be proactive!

“The object of education isn’t knowledge; it’s action.”
– Thomas Kempis

Take initiative to discover new territories and what you makes you alive! Remember that school do not define you. If you are not good at school, it doesn’t mean you are a bad boy. Ok? Keep your head high and look for extra activities to explore what you can do more! 

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Discipline is often compensated or boosted by passion for something. In other words, if  you are in love with carrots, and if you have a carrot that look enough delicious from your eyes, you would run after it – no matter what.

Some people who was considered lazy and hopeless, may be the most hard working when they discover what they love and run for!

I am grateful for all the education I had. I just hope people could have a push toward what they may inspire for and blossom.

This is not what or where you are now (or what you did before) that matter – but after what you are running for.

Don’t get me wrong. I am not saying we should not respect the rules – especially in society. Discipline is important and a matter of respect (by definition a disciple toward his master). But it’s hard to get it when you have no WHY attached to it. To me, discipline can be learned, as long as you have a meaning, a reason to pursue your dreams. The world and the education system won’t change in a day. If you can’t change it. Like how Jack Ma says: Change yourself first.

Are you a black sheep?
Do you feel stuck by the education system?

Let me know in the comments below.

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