I wanna share with you a simple TIP,
yet essential for your drawing routine as a designer.

Do you listen to music when you draw?
If yes, what’s your favorite selection to find concentration and gain in productivity?
Tell us in the comments!

Because music can also be distracting. 

I realize others help me draw longer,
take lesser breacks, yet drawing with a great flow of inspiration and concentration.

I identified some few tricks for you to keep more focus and enjoy longer:

  • Choose a song in a foreign language.
    Your ideas can flow without getting distracted by the meaning of the lyrics. 
  • Choose a song that you heard a thousand times already.
    Same as previous. You won’t notice the lyrics, but you’ll enjoy the melody.
  • Choose cover song in instrumental only
    You will let yourself flow with a familiar tune without the distraction of the lyrics.
  • Play the radio.
    So you don’t have to update manually your playlist.
    *Note that on Youtube pause your music if the page do not receive any activity.
  • Turn on the TV in the background.
    Let the TV sound in the background. The continuous flow of sound will help your concentration to last longer.

Here is a selection of music I like. 

CELLO Cover of Popular song

Buddha Bar V

Hip-Hop Lo-Fi

Stuido Ghibli Piano

Tell us your selection in the comment area below!

See you for the next TIP !


PS: I will show you an app using mainly the sound of nature
to help you better focus on your work, but also relax.

PPS: Thank you Deven for your kind feedback on the Designer Starter Kit :))
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