7 Colour and Graphic websites to get inspired from for your mood boards

When I was student, we made a lot of mood boards to visually communicate on the brands, users and products.

We spend hours looking at relevant pictures to convey our ideas on our presentation board. One of the main issue we faced was finding great websites where we could get unique pictures – so our board would not look alike our classmates’s boards. Some more, knowing how to manipulate pictures will give a tremendous advantage for your design portfolio.

TIP: Beside looking for websites, I do recommend you to bring a camera or phone taking pictures of all things inspire you. Create a library of pictures where you can pick up your own inspiration for your boards.

Let me share with you a series of website with an amazing diversity of pictures and colours !


Patterns are beautiful to give an instant mood !
Don’t abuse of them, use them with parsimony.



There is nothing more impactful than colours.
Give your colour a story and you will add an emotional dimension to your project.
A good exercise is to try to describe the picture, not only from what it represent but the emotion it provokes with nouns and adjectives.




Feel free to tweak the colours of your pictures on Photoshop so it will match the mood you want to convey.

change colours in Photoshop.png



Get inspired from graphic beauty of the world.
Click on a country and discover what graphic is happening there ! 😀
A good exercise is to try to identify the specifities of different cultures.


Don’t get fancy with you font !!
Choose it carefully so it won’t distract your board content.
Font library at : www.dafont.com

There is thousand of websites to get inspired from. And you, what’s yours ? Share them with us in the comment below !

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