Sketch with keyboard shortcut | TIP 6 – 7

Bgaz-mask-choutac-chung6eing not satisfied of the previous “Sketch 5 | Concept diving mask”, I decided to sketch a new version of it. Before starting, I keep in mind the mistakes I mentioned in that previous post.

Chung Chou-TacConcept diving mask, 2014

TIP 6 Sketch with keyboard shortcuts

Use the zoom in [Ctrl +]  and zoom out [Ctrl –] function using keyboard shortcut. 
Press and Hold [SPACE BAR] to drag the working space with your mouse or digital pen.
With these 3 shortcuts, you will create beautiful details.
(remember to rise the document resolution to at least 200ppi)

Being right handed, I mostly keep my left hand on the keyboard.

  • The pinky finger stay above [CTRL].
  • The thumb above the [SPACE BAR].
  • The index remain ready to to complete the shortcut.


TIP 7 Don’t ruin your sketch

Do not focus on the details AT START.
Your may lose focus on the overall shape and idea.
If you start drawing clumsy, don’t try too long to correct your mistakes.
Just redo a new sketch.

I breath deeply, relax – and “keep the flow”. When I get a satisfying base shape, I spend some time on the details.

That’s all for today!

Does the result looks better than the previous sketch? 
If you like it, share it to people you like!

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If the sketching methods I’ve acquired aid me in my life and in my career, I believe that they can also help you to learn, and help you with your projects. Whether Design is a job or a hobby it doesn’t matter, so long as you do what is important to you.

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    Yes you are right! I usually keep on and on… Sometimes is a good thing and others not!

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