Today I show you a smart way to draw with the broad nib of the Pantone marker. After a quick review of the 3 nibs, I show you how that nib can actually replace the Ultra-thin and brush nib. You will learn how to sketch faster, let your creativity flow and get more expressive lines. Pretty cool right ? 🙂

>> Let’s start!

Sketching with a Pantone Tria

Let’s look at the 3 Nibs closer

Ultra thin nib ID Sketching with Pantone Tria
> The nib is actually not that Ultra thin. Previous generation of Pantone Tria was.

Brush nib ID Sketching with Pantone Tria
> The nib is a bit flexible when you press it.

Broad nib ID Sketching with Pantone Tria
> My favourite ! It takes a bit of practice, but it’s worth the fun !

A quick test of each nib

(1) Ultra thin nib:
The line is pretty regular and allow a bit of variation.
(2) Brush nib:
The variation is wider. You can make much thinner and wider line than the Ultra thin.
(3)-(4) Broad nib:
Offer thin and super wide lines depending of the way you hold it.

Sketch only with the broad nib. Why ?

Because it “takes too long” to switch of nib, and it’s kind of confusing to know which nib is where. The main reason is I like to draw “keeping the flow” –  I believe that the ideas will follow the movement. In other words, if you stop your sketch to switch of nib, your ideas will also take a break – and may need a bit of time to restart.

How to hold and sketch with the broad nib> Let’s look at the broad nib closer.

Have you noticed the bevelled edge ? We are going to play with it.

Corner thin line Broad nib ID Sketching with Pantone Tria
> Thin line if you play with the corner.

Earphone Sony Broad nib ID Sketching with Pantone Tria
Earphone Sony

It works with any brand of marker such as Pantone, Copic, Pro Marker, Touch…

Take one of your marker and make a try !
If this article is helpful to you, feel free to share it to whom it may help as well – and leave me a comment ! 🙂

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