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Today is the day of light in India. I am now in Penang, Malaysia where the Indian community is quite huge here. Despite of the rain we expect great festivities and an awesome fireworks side the sea tonight. 🙂




It is something that I am still working on. And to me, it is not easy. I do try to draw people without being noticed. At the moment the people see me, I feel awkward. I guess I am kind of shy and I  may be worried they feel spied. However, seeing me with a pen and a sketchbook, they quickly realised that they are taken as a model. Actually, people appreciate being drawn. So the worst could happen is to make new friends. And that is something universal wherever country we are.


I have just stopped by to the hostel to post the article. Time for me now to go to Little India 🙂

See you guys !
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  • Antonio García

    Reply Reply December 6, 2014

    Yup I have been busted for people I sketch XD they are usually nice 🙂

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