travel sketchbook in Vietnam

Travel Sketchbook for Vietnam Discovery! VTV4

Hello! It's Chou-Tac, I was on national TV!
I was invited to a national TV SHOW called:
VIETNAM DISCOVERY where I made a Travel Sketchbook! Travel sketchbook in Vietnam - ...
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how to draw people with loose lines - chung chou tac

Sketch people with loose lines (iPad Pro)

Hello sketcher! I show you the time-lapse of today's sketching session at a cafe called Phuc Long in Ho Chi Minh City. I took a cup of ...
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go museum to draw with ipad

Go Museum to Sketch with your iPad!

Hello Design Sketchers! I was in quarantine for 14 days in a military camp in Vietnam.My 76 years old dad is living in Ho Chi Minh. And ...
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Drawing on a Coffee Cup (Vietnam)

Draw on coffee cups - Urban Sketching in Vietnam This morning, I went to the World Coffee Museum at Buon Ma Thuot, the capital of Da Lak ...
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10 Easy tips to start drawing (in your sketchbook)

10 Easy tips to start drawing (in your sketchbook)

Let me introduce you to Daniel who created an amazing sketchbook for artists and designers at Jofelo.com. We see together how to start a sketchbook quickly so ...
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Doodle on receipts at Starbucks (Singapore)

Doodle on receipts at Starbucks (Singapore)

My girlfriend and I went to Starbuck last Tuesday. She likes to go there to work without distraction. So I was pretty much bored. I took a ...
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When "Design" fusions a Cafe with a Furniture Shop - (Bangkok)

When “Design” fusions a Cafe with a Furniture Shop – (Bangkok)

I am in a taxi of Bangkok on the way to Bang Sue, a road famous for woodcraft. I hope we are on the right way. We ...
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Watercolour Brush and Sketchbook

All the TIPS I learned about watercolors (in 2 days at Malacca)

A few weeks ago, I discovered the Urban sketchers work. I decided to do my own sketch walk at Malacca for 2 days! That’s how I came ...
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urban sketching watercolour

Watercolours: Use blank surface at your advantage (Taiwan)

It was about 4 am, I couldn’t sleep and I bumped on Chanqueen watercolour arts.  I was enjoying looking at her sketches that bring some colourful lights ...
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urban sketching singapore

Do you know the Urban Sketchers? (Singapore)

I would like to share with you about THE URBAN SKETCHERS. I heard about them for the first time during my last trip in Penang in Malaysia ...
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urban sketching 1 point perspective Taiwan

When to Draw with 1 or 2-Point Perspective? (Taiwan)

Today around the world sketch take place in Taipei, capital of Taiwan. An island located south of China and Japan. Walking in the streets, you could breath ...
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draw people on notebook

Look at people you draw, don’t be shy (Malaysia)

HAPPY DIPAVALI ! Today is the day of light in India. I am now in Penang, Malaysia where the Indian community is quite huge here. Despite of ...
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people sketch in paris

Add People in your Drawings (Paris)

I don’t remember when was the last time I draw some buildings in Paris. I went to the 1st floor of a Starbucks, and sat in one ...
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Napkin ketch of a tea cup

Draw without expectation (Napkin sketch)

I love napkin sketches.
You can catch unexpected scenes when you are ready to draw on any support! At Cuc Gach Quan, Saigon -
I discovered a mix of ...
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Line of action drawing


Last night I received a call. My friend told me that I should draw something that I am not used to. That it would be a great ...
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