Interview with Vincent Védie, who never gave up to follow his dream as a designer

Vincent Vedie Product designer- Sport_tool.jpgHey guys,

Many of you told me it’s valuable to discover more about the profession of a Product designer – knowing more about the real life out there after your design school.

Today, I am very happy to introduce you my friend, Vincent Védie. We are good friends and he has been my classmate for 4 years at CREAPOLE-ESDI in Paris.

Vincent is determined, passionnate and he has a wonderful Zen attitude – that I believe makes him  a great “observant of life”. Which I believe is an essential quality for a designer – as we take inspiration from people and environement to create.

You will see how he succeed to follow his dream to become a Product designer despite of the big obstacles he met. It all started from a decision to make his dream happenned.

Vincent Vedie at valerie semensatis - product furniture designer.jpg

Vincent Védie – Product designer

Can you tell us about you in few words? 

My name is Vincent Védie, I was born in 1984 in the south suburb of Paris, I lived there for 32 years before moving to Annecy in the French Alps.

I actually work as a freelance product and graphic designer, since 2010 after a 3 years period working for a promotional products and packaging company in Paris.

I always loved to draw, as a kid I took lessons for a couple of years in a local art course with Nicole Sabatier, a talented and passionated painter. (His son is a product designer too)