Hello ! It’s Chou-Tac,

I received an email from Tim B. asking me
how long should he sketch per week ?
(Tim is one of my VIP student of Sketch Like The Pros.)

As you may also wonder the same question,
I wanted to share with you my 5 recommendations to become more productive.

TIM B.: How long should I spend per week to pratice and learn ?

tim question time commitment per week to design sketching.png
Tim’s question about the ideal time to spend on sketching per week.

My recommendation:

First of all,
note that Productivity is NOT ONLY about Quantity,

Even though regularity in sketching is essential,
there is no unique way to practice, and no maximum time limit.

1/ The most important thing is to Follow your heart.

I don’t recommend a maximum of X hours of practice.
If you feel you wanna sketch more, then just do it !
It is all precious and benefitial.
Some people may want to sketch all nighter !
And the day after, few minutes only.

It is all fine.

Passion drives us.
Listen to what your inner drive has to say !
You’ll realise how these long sessions will allow you
to learn so much more than many tiny sessions.
Why ? Because of your high intensity of focus in your sketches.

2/ In case you feel procrastinating, don’t worry.
It happened to all of us.

Let me give you a mind trick.
If you feel lazy like a “sleepy panda”: Make a deal with yourself. 
Sit, take a pen and sketch for 15 minutes.
If you feel after 15 min, you wanna stop, just stop.
However, if you feel enjoying it, then go ahead !You’ll see that most of the time,

you’ll get hooked, and won’t see the time flying. : )

3/ Always bring a pen and a sketchbook with you !

I invite you to draw anytime anywhere !
Like how I show in this Sketching Vlog video in Japan. 
You don’t have to follow exclusively a time schedule. Being a designer is 24 hours matter. Provoke random opportunities to sketch ! So your ideas will pop up all along the day !
Click on the picture below to see more:
Design Sketching vlog video in Japan to doodle anytime anywhere.png

4/ Go out WITHOUT your smartphone.

We often talk about cutting distraction from Social media and handphone.
How about NOT bringing the distraction (your phone) with you ?

I was born in the 80’s, and I remember how peaceful it was without smartphone.
Nobody can ring it to interupt you.

It was ok to be bored.
The mind take a break, and let your ideas flow randomly. 

When you have no more batteries in your phone, and take transportation.
How do you feel ? Stressed, bored, peaceful ?

In case you feel stressed,
you may consider this 4th recommendation
as it will help you get even more connected
with your surrounidng and its beauty.

Replace your phone in your pocket
by a pen and a sketchbook, life will be different !

The idea behind is to stop acting in reaction, or stop being only a consumer.
But to be the one who initiate the action, being be a producer of creative ideas. 


5/ Let me share with you a trick to save plenty of time for sketching ! 

Here is an other trick to allocate more time in sketching and enjoying it by reseting your daily habits. Once again, it is all about choosing where you decide to put your focus on. Let me help you doing it smoothly and happily saving 5 months of sketching practice !

Click on the picture below to see more:

No time for sketching blog article.png
I hope you enjoy this series of tips that will definitely help you sketching more, but especially rise your focus and quality.
The ultimate goal is you keep sketching with pleasure. 
Have a wonderful day !

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